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This game is on sale for $9.99 on the WIndows Store but $17.99 here. I have actually seen this for other games that are cheaper on weekly Steam sales than on GOG's.

Come on GOG, this is your big event sale, you can't have games costing more than they do on smaller sales for other stores. Price match and I'll buy immediately on GOG, otherwise I'll just wait because I don't want the DRM infested Ori but can't stand the thought of paying a DRM-free tax.
Exactly what I thought. It's on indiegala and steam also for $9.99 - really disappointed with the 10% discount GOG is offering here. Well - I guess I'll have to buy there then.

BTW: According to this list you can play Ori without steam after having it downloaded once.
(I know many people don't use steam not even for download - I just wanted to point it out).

Just bought it on steam - since GOG obviously don't want my money here.
Littlle addition: Steam is offering the original version as a bonus as well.
Post edited June 17, 2017 by MarkoH01