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We are releasing a new update for Order of Battle, bringing its version number to 7.1.6.

This update consists mostly of fixes, and we would like to thank everyone who put an effort into reporting those bugs and issues to us! You can download the update from the Members' Area.

Development on Order of Battle continues, and we’re by no means finished with it. We have some big news in store for you, so stay tuned!

* Fixed same resolution displaying multiple times
* Restart and Exit options removed from Outcome screen
* Battle of Britain mod - Single Player fixed
* Texts on City Plates should be rendered correctly on all languages
* Fixed saving replays
* FW 190 F & FW 190 G availability dates updated
* City Plates from Boot Camp should display correctly when choosing Spanish language
* Panzer Lehr specialization missing image fixed
* Sturmtiger movement set to tracked
* Air units destroyed on the ground not counted correctly fixed
* Marder I bug - internal name changed from Marder II to Marder I
* You can now purchase all specialisations after finishing Antwerp scenario
* 37mm Bofors AT german has truck_german for transport
* Finnish infantry 37 and 38 attack values corrected
* Finnish heavy infantry 43 defense value corrected
* Advanced Aeronautics code issues fixed
* Goliath Mine spec fixed
* Editor issue (alliance color/nation flag mismatch) fixed
* Fixed issues with Scenario Editor dates
* Recipients section for dialog popup in Scenario Editor are now working as intended
* Uranprojekt specialisation works as intended
* ITA L3 series are no longer burning in the horizontal direction when destroyed
* Chasseurs Alpins and Chasseurs Ardennes have ski movement type
* JAP KD6 KD7 submarines deck guns rotation pivot fixed
* "Never lose Stalino or Krasnograd" trigger fixed
* "Never lose Kharkov" trigger fixed
* Sturmtiger movement reduced to 6
* Jagdpanther movement upped to 8
* Hetzer cost and defense rebalanced
* Ar_234 & FW_200 availability date revised
* 283mm_K5 shock value rebalanced
* Italian Sub Type 1 - faulty switch to German TypeVII fixed
* Wire guided bombs specialisation fixed
* German infantry 40, 41 & 44 tunneling attribute added
* Skins for units no longer overlap with terrain details
* Restart from scenario editor should work as intended
* Lots of other minor tweaks and fixes to units data
* Fixed restarting scenario when playing from a save file
* Improved performance while loading game
* Switching from Map3D to Map2D no longer causes freezes
* A bunch of scenario & unit data fixes
* Range preview of artillery units is visible in all terrain combinations
* AI Infinite thinking time on Disembark fixed
* Imported planes refunded if landed during deployment fixed
* Scen03: Resolved bugtracker #3854
* Scen08: Set spec pt reward to 2
* Scen09: Set spec pt reward to 2
* Scen10: Resolved bugtracker #3902
* Scen10: Fixed city plates in multiple languages
* Scen11: Set spec pt reward to 2
* Scen01: Made "Narvik Fail" trigger inactive when "Take Narvik" is achieved to avoid scn ending in defeat
* Scen01: Fixes problem that prevented victory plus other changes
* Scen01: Reworked aux Panther D objective to fire with various core setups
* Scen03: Added Sov T34m43 to final attack wave to increase change to fire "captured unit" trigger
* Scen03: Changed defensive AI unit to join final attack wave
* Scen04: Added Ger 10 supply when captured unit arrives to avoid shortage if players lost or gave up supply points
* Scen04: Changed Kiev award to display intended no. of spec pts
* Scen04: Corrected entry for missing "maps found" event pic
* Scen05: Clarified aircraft number for objective2_2_0 (changed Eng, Ger, Fra, Spa text files, I'll ask Adam for Russian)
* Scen06: Changed triggers regarding Sov air XP settings
* Scen06: Changed camvar entry for later Moscow air XP trigger
* Scen06: Set Kiev RP reward (from scn 004 camvar) to 50 (alliance)
* Scen06: Changes some Sov tanks affected by camvar
* Scen06: Added pic file event_bridge
* Scen07: Removed info popup (missing text) when "destroy units" objective achieved
* Scen07: Changed "Take Moscow" objective slightly
* Scen07: Removed info popup/text for "destroy 50ground, 8 air units" objective
* Scen07: Changed "never lose starting objectives" related triggers
* Scen07: Changed camvar entry for actual Moscow air XP trigger
* Scen08: Changed trigger for P26 tank reward arriving when achieved before at Anzio
* Scen08: Fixed a few typos
* Scen08: Balance: US forces behaviour slightly changed
* Scen09: Changed evacuate Paris trigger to check at turn 15, evac has to be completed at the *end* of 14 to achieve objective
* Scen09: Balance: added Ger 60 RP in case player failed earlier objectives limiting US air XP
* Scen09: Changed "Hold Paris" trigger turn check slightly
* Scen09: Changed AI team setting for CAN units
* Scen09: Fixed briefing text error
* Scen10: Corrected trigger to include Son when deployment restrictions are lifted
* Scen10: Last para wave popup pic entry corrected
* Scen11: Balance: added Ger 70 RP in case player failed earlier objectives limiting US air XP
* Scen11: Balance: removed 2 aux units
* Scen11: Weather popup pic entry corrected
* Scen12: Balance: added Ger 80 RP in case player failed earlier objectives limiting US air XP
* Scen12: Balance: added US rearguard artillery
* Scen13: Removed "cropped" airfield top of the map causing wrong aircraft fuel indications
* Scen13: Balance: removed SS reward RP
* Scen13: Corrected Allied air units spawning in certain cases too early, and in wrong numbers
* Scen13: Balance: added Ger 100 RP in case player failed earlier objectives limiting US air XP
* Scen14: Added event pic file: event_stratbomber_warning
* Scen14: Balance: reduced Ger turn income to 50 (possible bonus unchanged)
* Scen14: Balance: removed SS reward RP
* Scen15: Added event pic file: event_calais_cmdr
* Scen15: Balance: reduced Ger turn income to 50 (possible bonus unchanged)
* Scen15: Balance: removed SS reward RP
* Scen Ita_Anzio: One-time RP reward for (either) Anzio or Nettuno set to 80 (alliance)
* Scen Ita_Anzio: Added pic file event_bridge
* Scen Ita_Anzio: Added pic file event_Ita_tank_dmg
Winter War
* Scen04: Added Fin truck to captured 122mm gun
* Scen06: Photo event missing trigger Airstrip mission 6 Artic Fox Winter War fixed
* Scen07: Reworked victory conditions