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Changelog for Update 6.1.8 (added 07 June 2018):

- Undeploying carriers restores deployed costs on any stored units.
- Fixed Mac video player bug
- Downloading a PBEM game is now forbidden if it's not your turn. (Fixes crash issue
when double clicking a match that isn't your turn)
- Graphical artifacts in frozen water fixed.
- Fixed issue with Plane Transparencies
- Fixed bug that could cause kills or casualties to be counted incorrectly (Fixes Norway
- Several tweaks and fixes to Sandstorm scenarios
- SdKfz 135/1 self-propelled artillery added for Baukommando Becker specialization
- Marder II and Marder III are now only available if the Baukommando Becker
specialization is unlocked
- Bug fixed that could cause AI units to enter an already occupied hex
- Fixes and improvements to Campaign Editor
- Switching between anti-tank, anti-air and artillery modes now no longer prevents the unit
- from moving in the same turn
- Units no longer cause ZoC on hexes they cannot enter due to their terrain type or the
- presence of escarpments
- Several tweaks and fixes to unit stats
- FIxed bug with selecting briefing avatars in scenario editor

Changelog for Update 6.1.9 (added 12 June 2018):

- Fix for 6.1.7 PBEM games no loading
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