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OpenTTD has a lot of mods. And even a few separate forked versions. What do you use? Do you have a prefered set?

Here's what I've been using currently (and why):

JapanSet3 Faces: Because gah, the OpenGFX faces are ugly. I'll take a simple anime face over wrinkly dithered lips.

Wannaroo Industries Set: Something that extends the industries a bit without being absurdly complex like FIRS. Has a nice set of options to tick to extend things even further.

Kaaskroket's Fictional Aircraft: Yeah, I'm that kind of player. :p Because if you want the Spruce Moose and Time And Relative Dimensions in Space, you may as well go a little...

NUTS: This is a set of rather strange fictional trains with no grounding in reality. Trains appearing up to 2100, this is for someone who wants to play a long game.

Squid ate FISH: Because anything that attempts to make the default ships less useless or outright replaces them is a valiant effort.

eGRVTS & HEQS: While I basically never actually use actual road vehicles, having the occasional tramway for unimportant cargo is a very aesthetically pleasing thing to do.

Crates On New Vehicle Expressways Yield Outrageous Riches But Exhaust Less Toxic Smog: And this is what I'm using to replace cars. Why bother building a road network when most vehicles don't even break 4/TPD?

And currently on standby:

YETI Extended Industries & Towns: This was my main industry GRF until I found the Wannaroo set. Somewhat zany industries that relied on a multiplier cargo system, basically.
Could you please supply a link(s) to these mod's website location(s)?
(Or are they included in the download by default?)
SpellSword: Could you please supply a link(s) to these mod's website location(s)?
(Or are they included in the download by default?)
The nice thing about OpenTTD is that there is a central and internalized mod downloader, the BaNaNaS. It's located on the main menu, "Download Online Content."
Thank you for the information, that does sound convenient.


I work on the railways in real-life, so familiar trains are nice.. Don't care about foreign or unrealistic stuff. has always been the best active website for OpenTTD and Chris Sawyer's Locomotion news and mods. So you should probably create an account there, as it's a very nice community.
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