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Any chance to see this game on spanish? sadly, the translations around the internet makes the game to crash on lots of events. How is that this game is in full spanish but GOG version doesn't bring it?
This game has even spanish voices. Can we have spanish version here? Please :) I would like to play this game in my language.
in steam there is spanish voices and text, please add it on gog.
new update but still no spanish language like steam, any official info about the reason?
when?? any solution?
please i want to play, but i want it in spanish!!!
Seriously? 3 years and hasn't the Spanish languaje. Why?
Raymost: Seriously? 3 years and hasn't the Spanish languaje. Why?
i also dont understand, and no official answer or solution for us...
Why no spanish Gog?
they also have italian on steam as it seems.
Send a support ticket if you want to communicate with as here are your fellow customers only with the rare exception.
Omertà was published by FX Interactive in Spain and I think the spanish translation belongs to them, so unless Kalypso makes its own translation, we will possibly never have this game in spanish here. Almost every game published by FX is like that.

EDIT: Nevermind, I saw it's in spanish in Steam, so I suppose it's a problem with Kalypso.
Post edited May 23, 2020 by sch92