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Changelog for patch 1.02 (added 14 June 2018):

- Special thanks to Discord user Łukasz lroznicki for extraordinary bug-hunting assistance!


- Many localization fixes for all languages!
- Fixed cases of infinite loading screens
- Fixed Completionist trophy (automatically awarded on title screen if you should already have it)
- WASD controls are now an option for keyboard users! Enable them in Settings->Controls->Preset 3
- Language override selection UI added


- Fixed a bunch of minor collision and cinematic issues!
- Phantom Grasp targeting could sometimes misfire
- Lethal Flurry could sometimes not kill as many enemies as it should
- Phantom Blast could be triggered accidentally
- Dodging to cancel a Phantom Blast wouldn't refund your energy
- Rodentians performing a tandem attack weren't showing their invulnerable feedback
- Using Yarbog's Fire after Draga has killed -REDACTED- could get you stuck
- Ludomir won't help you open a particular door in the Imperial Prison
- Companions would very rarely fall behind while making a coop jump
- Fixed a chest that would never pay out
- Some textures were visibly being streamed in
- If a voice line interrupted another voice line, sometimes the subtitle wouldn't display properly
- Some decal materials would display as solid colors
- Fixed a rare UI input issue in some tutorial popups
- Unknown Memories are now color-coded
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Changelog for Patch 1.03 (added 28 June 2018):

* Revamped platforming sections
* Split combat and investigation difficulty settings
* Integrated difficulty settings choice in-game
* Improved tutorials on how to use player abilities
* Tweaked enemies to not attack from off-screen
* Lowered requirement for Opportunist achievement
* Added 21:9 resolutions support
* Added option to hide HUD when the game is paused (photo mode)

* Fixed crash when exiting the game
* Fixed game freezing when near the Draga statue in the Tree of Life
* Fixed progression blocker during the Fury section
* Fixed issues with companions not returning for boost jump
* Fixed issues with banter lines interrupting narrative lines
* Fixed issues with dynamic objects going through walls
* Fixed issues in final boss fight