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Hi. My problem is that when I start the game, all I get is a white screen with choppy music. The music plays fine when I minimize the game. Didn't find anything about this problem on the internets.
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Would you mind sharing your specs? Especially RAM and GPU, as it would help a lot dealing with your specific issue. The thing about gaming on PCs is that there are loads of different combinations of hardware and software that make games a chore to play.

Off the top of my head, all I can advise is to not install any game (or program, for that matter) under the 'Program Files' folder, if you're running Windows Vista or 7. Other than that, you'll have to share your computer specs with us in order to get any sort of help. You could also try contacting GOG support, if they can't get the game running for you, you're entitled to a refund.
I use Win7 64bit and have:

Core 2 Quad Q6700 (1.6ghz)

It should run, I don't understand why it doesn't. It's not even that old that compatibility should be a problem.
Well, the minimum system requirements do mention a 2.0 GHz Dual Core to work properly, and you only have 1.6 GHz of CPU, so that could be a problem.

Also, I don't know how well OlliOlli works with 64bit OSes, they're known to cause some issues when running some games, but maybe someone more in the know than me could help you with that...
Sorry it's 2.6 Ghz. Didn't notice my mistake until now.