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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.64108 Test 11/23/2022

Can now build Farms on Marsh with Centralization. Farms on Marsh produce +2 Wood/Turn
More marsh tiles will be generated near lakes
Ambitions have been rebalanced
Middle East map improvements
Removed demand/offer tribute variations of national peace ambassador mission

New Events (includes some older events that were previously disabled)
An Embassy
All too Quick
Exacting Union
Everyone Wants a Peace
(Nation)'s Best Friend
The Will of the Profit
The Might of (Nation)
The Price of Peace
The Grand Hunt
One For The Storybooks
A Remarkable Discovery
The Sword In The Stone
Legacy of the Ruler
Together in the World
The City to Come
Several tutorial events for yield deficits and caps

AI better defends its endangered cities
AI city garrison improvements
AI fort building logic updated
AI tries harder to preserve units' fortified, testudo, unlimbered, and anchored states

Added graphics option to reduce game framerate when application is not in focus
Divination tooltip now shows all nation shrine types instead of only the generic shrine class
Added text auto-resizing for city production buttons if necessary
The Hill: Added scenario description/rules to victory popup screen

Bugs Fixed
Fixed MP game tooltip stars to show the players currently expected to take their turn
Fix for Shrine of Vesta ember effect flickering on some machines
Fixed inconsistent UI portrait background assignment
Network game player information fixes
Fixed city widget healthbar sorting issue
Fixed issue where a unit widget behind a city widget would steal focus from the city widget, making it hard to mouse over elements on the city widget when a unit widget was nearby
Fixed AI behavior issues
Fixed combat tutorial Highlander/Ranger events
Fixed BonusUnitClass hang if the class includes multiple units without a tech prerequisite
Fixed potential issue with Control all cities goal not completing in Greece 4
Fixed issues with terrain cell detail level selection and terrain cells at the edge of maps creating flickering mountains