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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.64005 Test 11/16/2022

City widget culture level icon tooltip no longer reveals the exact culture of rival cities
Teammates stats are now displayed on the Records screen
Units with generals can no longer be gifted
Can now select Garrison location in capital - ctrl+left click on preferred urban tile before settling
Artisan families get +10 opinion per Artist character.
Champion families no longer get opinion bonus for Bold characters.
Blocked control Holy City ambitions from appearing in One City Challenge
Added combat tutorials when units do low damage
Competitive mode now disables off-map tribal raids and prevents cognomens with negative legitimacy

AI performance improvements
AI is more proactive in healing units that are not in immediate danger
AI now knows to place improvements adjacent to tiles that can have adjacency bonuses, even before those tile have improvements
Worker AI improvements
Early-game AI move priority tweak
Increased AI emphasis on training production in its cities and AI improvement selection to better match the terrain
Added cuneiform font support

Added Team Color Intensity option under Options - UI
Added difficulty dropdown to scenario description screen.
Project help will no longer show impossible bonuses, e.g. Babylonia's +2 culture for Treasuries if you're not Babylonia
In One City Challenge, the city screen will show the button to build Settlers but the tooltip explains that they're unavailable in OCC
Separated city widget production text and build time text to avoid build time getting hidden with overflowing text
City list now defaults to sort by last ownership change (i.e. captured cities will appear at the bottom of the list)
Cloud games where the next player is the same as the current player now allow you to play the next turn without returning to the menu
Cloud games are automatically saved locally for the host each turn
Added Urban Tile count to population help
Fatigue pips are hidden when a unit is fatigued and force march is toggled under unlimited force march
Map editor - Menu - Save now shows saved popup same as Menu - Save As and CTRL-S
Improved Send Luxury button text
Luxury management buttons now appear for hostile nations/tribes

Bugs Fixed
Localization text additions and fixes
Miscellaneous event fixes
Adjusted Hittite UU model to prevent potential overlaps
Fixed double victory point threshold being incorrectly displayed on Victory Screen
Fixed initial family bonuses being applied after the initial units have already been created
Fixed some eliminated player issues in both network and cloud multiplayer
Fixed tribal marriage issue
Fix for hover helptext on overlay tile widgets
Moved out of bounds ruins on Middle East map
Fixed adopt religion and enact law costs not appearing in Role Playing mode
Added missing icons for Move Network, Expose Network missions and Enlisted cooldown
Fixed character random trait generation
Broken mods now get unloaded on game start with a notification rather than preventing the game from loading
Fixed network turn time extension
Fixed critical hits only happening after the unit has been idle, when critical hit preview was on
Fixed city list text not updating after governor candidates are assigned
Fixed bug with retreating AI
Fixed unit visibility issues on map reveal/unreveal
Fixed scenario MP setup screen showing incorrect nations
Fixed river movement helptext, movement bonus comes from Exploration
Fixed mission icon scaling issue
Prevented vegetation spread to wheat or barley tiles
Fixed self-reference in Courtier helptext
Fixed server mode "uploading game" popup not clearing