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After starting a new hotseat game it appears that the second player is unable to gain any wood from chopping trees or scrub. It happens on all map premade or random. It doesn't matter what faction you play the second player will never be able to harvest wood.

Rolling back to version 63420 fixes the problem. The problem is confirmed to be present on multiple machines with all subsequent patches up to version 64196.

This is game breaking bug and prevents hotseat play for any version after 63420 as wood cutting is essential for early game.
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An answer from a dev on Discord, where this bug was reported too:
Thank you, I've been able to confirm this. We're looking into it but for now I suspect the following workaround could work:

Start the hotseat game. The first player plays the turn, then when it goes to the second player, save the game and reload the save. Play the turn, repeating the save-reload for each player. Once each player has done that, the bug should be gone and the game should be fine after that
Thanks for the report. A hotfix, version 64244, has just been released that fixes this issue.