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Changelog for Patch 1.11 (added 21 April 2017):

- Players can choose the hologram type for a building
- Can transfer patents to a teammate
- Can have two observers even for 8-player games
- Add hotkey for showing potential Core Sample locations (Default: SHIFT+Z)
- Classic VO audio mode added to options for fans of the Early Access voices
- Steam users can upload and subscribe to map collections in Steam Workshop

- Each MULE purchase on the Black Market produces two of them

- Fixed the game crashing on older AMD graphics cards

- Seasons dropdown added to the Ranked Multiplayer leaderboards
- Pagination added to Daily Challenge and Ranked leaderboards
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Changelog for Patch 1.13 / (Windows and Mac) (added 18 May 2017):

Please note - this update is only available for download via the GOG Galaxy Client for MacOS users only. This is due to technical difficulties on our end - our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused and we are working to deploy the installers ASAP.

- Adds compatibility for Jupiter's Forge
- Io added to rotation for Daily Challenge and Ranked Play
- Added Io University scripted tutorial
- Chinese Campaign Subsidy changed to extra starting shares
- Scientific HQs can use ice for building inputs
- Scientific HQs no longer have protection against EMPs and Power Surges
- Robotic HQs now need double electronics to upgrade
- Asynchronously loading audio to shorten load times
- Added global chat window for Ranked Play queue
- 4- and 10-week campaign modes now available in base game
- Geothermal Borehole now available on Mars (replaces Perpetual Motion)
- Nuclear Engine now available on Ceres (replaces Water Engine)
- Better Core Sample/Underground Nukes in chat
- Holding Z now highlights Ice tiles
- Improved Game Event UI
- Added hotkey (“V”) for repairing buildings
- Better, faster AI
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That's great. Is anyone even working on multiplayer lobbies, or has that been abandoned?

Straight answer please. I just want to know one way or the other.

(note: not directed at you Hypersomniac, unless you have some inside info and are allowed to share :)

I know GoG staff read this forum.. at least I hope they do.
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Changelog for Patch 1.13.16271 (added 16 June 2017):

- Added a new Campaign Victory Screen
- Improved the lighting environment on Mars.
- Showed how many resources founding an HQ produces in chat
- Removed the learn to play tooltip since the sub buttons have the real descriptions
- Reducing the height of the Team labels to make more room for chat
- Added rollover text for Learn to Play buttons
- Added a perk icon for the Io extra claim
- Showing order modifiers when auctioning a tile next to the colony
- Colony consumption help on mouseover is back
- Can now scroll through all played maps in Infinite Challenge
- Added Jovian Eclipse banner message
- Daily/Infinite Challenge screen will now tell you what the version is of old replay files
- Added logic to change a lobby name if the owner changes.
- Adjusted research row colors to contrast more
- Split learn to play and practice challenge into two screens
- Changed Io Campaign light priority.
- Darkened defeated characters on the campaign victory screen and adding a hover effect
- Added animations for Found HQ buttons and special tabs

- Lowered opponent’s debt in tutorial 5.
- Tweaked tutorial handicaps.
- Auto-pausing no longer happens in the Infinite Challenge
- Elites now start with one extra share.
- Perks available are now sensitive to buildings made invalid by colony classes.

- Fixed an issue where player ranks were not being shown for non-top 50 players in Ranked Play.
- Fixed camera controls close button getting squished on higher resolutions
- Fixed some of the jarring camera movements in the tutorials
- Fixed black screen after playing Practice Challenge.
- Disabling animators control of visibility so they don't compete for visibility when setting a UI object invisible.
- Fixed long tutorial text sequence in Tutorial 2 where before it listed every module type.
- Fixed an issue exiting a Practice Challenge goes to the Practice Challenge screen.
- Improved handling missing unit assets in mods.
- Fixed tooltips on Campaign resume.
- Fixed sorting order of dropdowns in the in-game options screen.
- Converted resource assets to use assets instead of concatenated strings.
- Converted the asset path global strings to asset types.
- Fixed lobby rename logic.
- Fixed a sorting error bug on team names in the player list.
- Fixed Campaign planet text alignment
- Fixed logic issue that prevented someone set as an observer in a lobby from being changed to be on a team.
- Fixed back button on practice challenge preview.
- Fixed how HQ world works so it stops adding extra world audio components.
- Memory optimizations.
- Readded the Daily Challenge to practice challenges and fixed issue where practice challenges don't show
- Fixed scenario grouping.
- TextButtons now have the abillity to specify what RectTransform their tooltip should use to position itself
- Fixed issues with Nomads and founding bonuses.
- Fixed text outline when font-size changes.
- Fixed Robotic character art in Found Tooltip.
- Fixed some issues with campaign mode selection.
- Fixing goal panel null reference exception.
- Fixing HUD chat size.
- Fixing show chat screen all hotkey.
- Fixed which maps show up in lobby screen depending on location.
- Fixed handicap mouseover on lobby screen.
- Fixed error on missing campaign faction background art.
- Disabled pixel perfect on pie slices so they don't go askew.
- Set up overlay on frozen order buttons.
- Fixed shrinking chat avatar.
- Fixed the issue where the infinite challenge screen is totally blank for new players.
- Fixed chat/event log overlapping other UI components.
- Fixed typos.
- Fixed default selection of missions in the campaign character select screen.
- Fixed an issue with the campaign mission toggle order.
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Changelog for Patch 1.14.16608 (added 20 July 2017):

- Improved performance
- Reduced memory usage

Improved AI
- Game now remembers which CEO you last selected for the campaign screen
- Added control over lake intensity in the xml
- Expanded Mars Terrain Collector to be able to have Basalt if modded to do so
- Added option to not have craters on a location
- Added ability to override certain terrain textures

- Tiles are now Defended for a short time when you mutiny back one of your own tiles
- Players can only buy one Water Conservation, Minimum Mining, Minimum Quarry, Security Contract perks
- Elites now start with 2 extra shares
- Debt can now go to D+20
- If you don't aren't allowed to place a free building in the campaign, you get a free claim instead
- Winning story-based campaign now give the achievements for the normal campaigns

- Fixed background screen crash
- Fixed typos
- Fixed Colony Module Icons
- Fixed selection spline material
- Fixed some sound FX clipping out too quickly
- Fixed an issues causing AudioDestroyer to skip the first frame when counting down
- Fixed some bugs with the subsidiary AI
- Fixed black market tutorial highlight not scaling at larger resolutions
- Fixed an issue causing free building previews to be wrong
- Fixed potential exception in Music Manager
- Fixed bug with soundtrack switching when switching players in replay
- Fixed issue with wrong campaign mode being selected if it is hidden because you haven't finished the story campaigns
- Fixed the robotic characters' scaling in the Found HQ rollovers
- Fixed Io Tutorial xml warning
- Removed asynchronous audio loading since it was causing stuttering
- Fixed an issue with InfiniteChallenge past map 100
- Fixed Ranked Multiplayer pagination text disappearing at higher resolutions
- Fixed Black Market outline drawing on top of other elements
- Fixed RealMap for "Euboea Lambda, Frosty Flows" Campaign map
- Fixed Campaign portrait art getting clipped for Robotic HQ's
- Fixed animation error in "Power Within" tutorial
- Fixed bug with Auction UI freezing when using the Black Market Auction
- Fixed scrap-all for buildings with Minimum Mining
- Fixed UI bugs for Minimum Mining
- Fixed tooltips in replay mode
- Fixed player perk tooltip
- Corrected tooltip from winning player in campaign mode
- Fixed Radiation Storm popping out when finished

- Removed Wind and Height highlights on Basalt tiles
- Moved additional perks information to a popup with scrollbars
- Added platforms to buildings so they don't look weird when modded
- Adjusted Offworld Market animation for sabotage multipliers
- Adjusted robotic sprite size
- Improved the suggestion lines for placing new buildings
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Changelog for patch 1.16.17762 (added 10th October 2017):

- Increased profit from Elite Pleasure Domes by +50%
- Return Claim black market now gives 2 items
- Patent time penalty is lowered with >4 players.
- Lowered base market demand slightly

- Fixed some AI sabotage bugs and AI is less likely to target human in Practice Challenges
- Fixing built-in mods failing to register on start up
- Buying out an unfounded player no longer gives them shares after they found
- Fixing bug where loading a map doesn't check if a mod is required.
- Fixing replay's overwriting previous match history
- Fixed an issue where some text elements were not updating due to being enabled and disabled in one frame
- Disabling claim canceling in the last two tutorials to fix a bug related to doing that.
- Fixing strange map number return on the infinite challenge screen
- Fixing issue with lobbies not refreshing properly because Steam thought we were still in a mod
- Optimizing Tile network message performance by 2x
- Reduced network message sizes by 50%
- Loaded games now wait for the loading screen to finish before progressing
- Optimizing AI found performance by 2x

- Added 4k support
- Game Option size is no longer hard-coded
- Fixed random prices bug, added warning when player has X% of the money to buy you out
- Added Options Toggle for muting the menu music when application is out of focus
- Made location nodes on io appear less blurry
- Adjusted ceres lighting fog
- Made sure Banner Notification scales uniformly as it animates in and out
- Fixed splotchy outline text on banner notifications by scaling uniformly
- Added higher poly version of io
- Adjusted scaling for glowing text on tutorial check buttons
- Adjusted "Compare Players" text to scale correctly in the charts and graphs screen
- Added layout element to pagination text on daily and infinite map challenge pages so they scale properly
- Slight adjustment to Infinite Map Challenge updating leaderboard current page (so it stays the same when a button is pressed, and switches to first page onEnable)
- Fixed scaling issues for the auto sell indicator and the espionage arrows
- Patents now highlight for perks in campaign mode
- Clicking on the Infinite Map Challenge Leaders will now take you to that map number
- Mod dropdown menus now have tooltips so users can read long mod names
- Adjusted credit text and unity image to scale with larger monitors
- Changed width of object so the help button (campaign screen) would display onscreen in 1920x1080 and other resolutions
- Fixed alignment of banner notification text
- Styling Loading Screen progress bars
- Adjusted auto sell icon to scale with aspect to prevent squishing
- New text-tutorial info regarding placement of scientific buildings on ice
- Fixed tooltip blocking map number for infinite map challenge
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Changelog for Patch 1.17.18018 (added 26 October 2017):

- Added Marathon Mode game option
- In a standard game, this option increases stock prices by 50%
- In a Campaign or Stock Victory game, Marathon Mode increases the time limit for each match
- Buyout warning audio shortened
- AI now always plays with a stock delay
- Improved AI founding
- Campaign and Skirmish now default to Employee instead of Manager
- Achievements added for Scenario Toolkit’s Scenarios

- Elites can now use silicon instead of aluminum for buildings
- This functions as Transparent Aluminum, but with silicon replacing aluminum rather than aluminum replacing glass.
-Elite Pleasure Domes revenue increase from previous patch has been reverted
- Elites now begin a game with one additional share (down from two)
- Increased appearance probability of silicon
- Water Processors and Electrolysis Reactors now require carbon instead of aluminum
-Nuclear Plants no longer get an adjacency bonus from Chemical Refineries

- When observing, buyout percents are in the color of the closest player
- Added SHIFT/CTRL-click shortcut to buy perks in campaign
- Adding tooltip describing why Skirmish and Lobby dropdowns are disabled

- Can now name colony in rule-set.xml

Bug Fixes
- Claims are properly awarded for late founders again
- MULEs can no longer slant drill on hills/cliffs
- Elite Pleasure Domes no longer affect entertainment market if out of chemicals
- Fixed loading maps in multiplayer lobby that require a certain mod
- Show local art packs now display correctly for auctions
- Skirmish screen dropdown tooltips now appear correctly
- Subsidiaries no longer display a white square logo if acquired prior to founding
- While observing, fixed special building buttons when switching players
- Blue Chip Ventures Ceres lighting fixed
- UI elements scaling adjusted
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Changelog for patch 1.18.19047 (added 18 January 2018):


- Cave terrain is now highlighted when holding down the “z” key
- Caves with resource access are now protected on HQ found
- Infinite Map Challenge is now an option while waiting in the multiplayer queue
- Player names are now hidden in multiplayer loading screen when in Masquerade mode
- Ranked Queue stats are now refreshed when leaving the 1v1 or 4P queues
- Added version information to the popup when failing to join a lobby because the versions are different
- Added detailed tooltips for location selection


- Optimization costs have been adjusted
- Improved (25%) from 20 Chemicals, 40 seconds to 30 Chemicals, 40 seconds
- Efficient (50%) from 40 Chemicals, 60 seconds to 40 Chemicals, 50 seconds
- Advanced (75%) from 60 Chemicals, 80 seconds to 50 Chemicals, 60 seconds
- Perfect (100%) from 80 Chemicals, 100 seconds to 60 Chemicals, 70 seconds
- Elites now start with 2 extra shares owned (up from 1)
- Space Elevators now cost 600 Aluminum, 100 Glass, 100 Electronics
- Scientists now start with a Goon Squad
- Basalt construction penalty removed
- Nomads receive one claim per HQ level (including HQ1), changed from two claims per level after HQ1
- Elite Pleasure Dome now consumes .25 Chemicals per second (down from .5)
- Interest rate now increases by 2 for each bond level beyond “D” (D+1, +2, +3, etc.)
- Founding bonus money now cut in half every time someone founds


- Chinese and Korean text no longer shrinks down to an unreadable size in the character popups
- Changed the Return Claim icon
- New logo for Reclamation/Scavengers


- Stock warning will no longer appear in scenarios with Stock Market disabled
- Now possible to skip the Colony Class screen in games with a Colony Class
- Resource buttons can now be disabled if that resource cannot be bought and/or sold
- Resource rows can now be highlighted in the Market UI
- Scenarios can now have variable difficulty
- Additional options added for adjusting scenario objective display
- Added a way for modders to show the time limit without setting the mode to seven sols
- Added ability for modders to overwrite pause text
- Added customizable game info popup for modders
- Added customizable text to fund panel for modders
- Added ability for modders to toggle the resource panel display mode
- Added ability for modders to set mouse-over tooltip text for resource warnings
- Added PlayAudio() function for modders

Bug Fixes

- Fullscreen application now remains visible when switching focus to another application
- Resources that the player is not intended to be able to acquire can no longer be obtained through offworld launches (as with Scenario Toolkit scenario 3)
- Fixed hiring of employees with CTRL and SHIFT in Campaign
- Auction countdown will no longer display after an auction has closed
- Auction countdown no longer displays when there is no upcoming auction
- Added “Show Building Net” player option
- Starting “A Risky Investment” will no longer prevent debt from ticking in other Scenario Toolkit Scenarios
- Fixed bug in Raskolnikov’s Campaign HQ text
- Fixed Blue Chip Ventures bug that incorrectly set starting debt to $0 in some scenarios
- Fixed buy building bug where UI would say that you can build a building when you don't have enough money
- Players can now launch 2 shipments with one Mutiny
- Various Ranked Queue improvements
- Hotkeys are now restricted when their corresponding UI element (can no longer bid after intended in Tutorial 3).
- Players will no longer be sent to an empty lobby when a friend invite fails
- Various text improvements
- Scanning UI no longer appears when choosing second HQ location as Nomads on reveal map when all other players have founded
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Changelog for Patch 1.19.19365 (added 09 March 2018):

- Improvements to Limited Supply Objective and Popup displays

- Additional functions made virtual for modders

Bug Fixes
- Resources warnings now scale to game speed after pausing
- Character popup text no longer clipped when the language is set to Simplified Chinese or Korean
- Fix for unintended pausing in Limited Supply, “The Missing Package”
- Minor grammar fixes in Limited Supply
- Io tutorial text fixed to reflect Space Elevator changes
- Limited Supply progress now stored correctly on GOG
- Campaign victories with Indie Devs now have a background
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Changelog for Patch 1.20.20465 (added 19 April 2018):

- Tutorials have been updated
- Players can now see their Masquerade name while when playing in Masquerade mode
- Some colony classes have had their resource price minimums lowered. In the Daily Challenge mode the best move was sometimes just throwing down a large number of mines or quarries on an easy to access resource, and because the resource would never drop below $30 a player could just sell that one resource until they had won. This change to address that situation and encourage more interesting strategies.
- Increased precision of the server game timer.

- As expressed by the community recently, extra claims can be extremely powerful. In fact, this reward for founding late was so strong that many players would only found without it in the most dire of circumstances. Early claims are being adjusted so that in games of 4 players or less everyone will receive an extra claim eventually.
- Last four players to found now all receive a free claim (last to found on HQ2, then HQ3, HQ4, HQ5) regardless of number of players in the game
- Several small changes are being made to Black Market items to add consistency and bring costs in line with the power each item brings. Spies and Holograms will now have a cooldown, preventing a player with an early lead from taking them all cheaply to get a significant advantage. Meanwhile, Return a Claim and Core Samples have had their cooldowns reduced to encourage their use.
- Return a Claim Black Market item can now be purchased when in D Debt
- Changed Black Market cooldown for Bribe a Claim to 90 seconds (up from 60)
- Changed Black Market cooldown for Holograms, Spies, Return a Claim, and Core Sample to 30 seconds.
- Pirates now steal 200 resources
- Pirates and Magnetic Storms are more likely to appear
- Patents are receiving some small adjustments, focused on making energy slightly more accessible and bringing Transparent Aluminum’s power down.
- Energy Vault now produces 2 backup Energy (up from 1)
- Transparent Aluminum now costs 60 chems (up from 40)
- Perpetual Motion now costs 40 chems (down from 60)

Bug Fixes
- Nomads now receive the correct Black Market time when founding
- Infinite Challenge Leaderboard now properly updates when played from the Ranked Queue
- Geothermal Borehole Auctions will no longer occur on maps where no Geothermal Vents are present
- Overflow bug and formatting fixed for very large amounts of cash
- Players can once again see number of players in FFA queue while in the 1v1 queue
- Fixed an error with “Infinite Win (Io)” Achievement
- Fixed border color artifacts on Medium and Low Rendering Quality
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Changelog for Patch 1.21.21834 / GOG-22147 (Windows) / GOG-22167 (Mac) (added 12 July 2018):

- Improvements to Multiplayer stability
- More localization work
- Added Active Match count to Ranked Queue
- Menu music continues without volume when "mute menu music" settings are turned on, instead of stopping and starting

- Reduced Nuclear Power Plant to 1.2 power output
- Reduced Sulfur Frost effect to -60%
- Elites now only need 60 Steel to upgrade

Bug Fixes
- Minor Campaign Fixes
- Fixed Ranked bug that prevented users from getting into game with certain edge-case conditions
- Audio Fixes
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Changelog for Patch 1.21.24622 (added 02 November 2018):

Localization has been improved for the following languages:
- French
- German
- Spanish
- Korean
- Polish
- Brazilian Portuguese
- Russian
- Simplified Chinese

- Elite Pleasure Domes now take the same entertainment share as a standard Pleasure Dome
- Elite Headquarters reverted to use the same amount of steel as other factions

Bug Fixes
- Scientist Nuclear Plants now have the same cost and power production as other factions
- Fixed an issue with the resume button on the Infinite Map Challenge
- Ticker Text now resets correctly