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Hello everyone,

I have purchased Oddworld : Abe's Oddysee a few days ago and I immediately wanted to play to it. Unfortunately, the game didn't work at all, indeed it crashed when I tried to launch it from my computer's desk.

I've already tried all the differents compatibility settings but without changes. I'm a bit lost and I've no more ideas.

I hope someone could help me fixing this problem, the game is as nice as it's part of my childhood, and I guess it'z the same for a lot of people here.

Please guys, have you any ideas or clues about solving this ? Thank you !

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Maybe you have to use this, but it's hard to say since you provided no information about your system.
Excuse me, I omitted to precise what system I'm using. My computer is an MSI running under windows 10, with i7 processor and a GTX 720M.
I'll try with the resolution patch you've linked in your post, thank you !