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Hey guys,

I've had a multitude of problems with this game so far. I don't know whether it's my laptop or the game.

I manage to see the Stranger's Wrath HD artwork, the Oddworld Inhabitants logo with the critters running around it and then it comes up with an error stating Game Application Closed = Windows is looking for a solution etc.

I'm running an i5 processor with a NvidiaGT540m and I'm rolling with 4GB RAM. Any other info I'll happily provide.

I've ran it in various compatability modes (WIndows 7, Vista, 8 and 10) and I'm always running it as an administrator. I've also ran it with various resolutions and graphics options via the start-up settings options that are given when you first launch the game.

Any help would be appreciated, cheers.
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Try this solution.
I've tried the good doctors solution but I didn't have an Nvidia driver control panel. I then went to their site to download the correct one and it won't recognise the hardware.

I've explained the problem over on their forums as I've downloaded the correct drivers and made sure my card is turned on, being used in other games and being optimized/recognised but I still can't get the driver control panel to install.

So are there any other ideas that dont involve having to get a driver that wont install on my machine?
I got it. Based on the good doctors' solution I disabled my basic gpu and that forced it to use the Nvidia card. The game now works and looks nice too. Thank you for your suggestion.