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Problem 1: Tiny letterbox resolution
Problem 2: Laggy FMV
Problem 3: Xbox 360 d-pad doesn't function


The best fix I've found for problems 1 & 2 is ddhack. Caveat is that it causes crash after exit, but it doesn't impact gameplay or saving.

Because I don't have the ability to post direct links, search for: "647-oddworld-abes-oddysee-resolution-mod"

It is hosted on the domain "PcGamingWiki dot com"

There's an alternative ddraw.dll out there that fixes the laggy FMV but it doesn't help with the letterbox issue.


Most suggestions for the d-pad issue online point to xpadder, but that costs $10. I've found an open-source alternative that is working great for me.

Do a search for: "github antimicro"

That will let you map the d-pad to the keyboard arrows.


Hope this helps somebody!

If anyone knows of a better, less buggy solution than ddhack, let me know!
Post edited September 22, 2017 by yeti.plays