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For anyone on Mac (like me!), I got Odallus running in wine. Sadly, I have to turn off the 'TV Mode' in order to see the text (I say 'sadly' because I think this visual style actually benefits from it).

Also, you have to check 'Use Mac drivers instead of X11' in order for the game to launch.

The biggest (and only, so far...) bugger that I know is that you can only access the 'options' menu if you launch the game right after it installs. If you apply the Odallus.EXE file after, the 'options' menu never shows its face again. I mean, you CAN go back and run the 'setup.exe' again, but it's a bit of a hassle.

Happy gaming!

Edit 8/9/2015 - actually, the text doesn't display at all now. Oh well.
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What version of WINE are you using? Is this in CrossOver, PlayOnMac, or Wineskin?