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Changelog for patch (added 28 September 2015):

- Optimized shadow filtering and dynamic geometry flushing to get better results and performance.
- Fixed graphics corruption bug that occured on some devices with the latest Nvidia drivers.
- Fixed cloud shadows and other shadow problems on some characters.
- Improved Giant Cepede miniboss fight.
- Fixed enemy AI path finding bugs that could cause some enemies to get stuck.
- Improved font rendering for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian language versions.
- Fixed mouse control problems while sailing or fishing and playing in windowed mode.
- Fixed a bug that caused Game Saved notification to be displayed twice in some cases.
- Fixed a bug that caused Ice Elemental enemies to set wooden objects on fire.
- Fixed a bug that caused secondary weapon to be unequipped after the Coral Saber flashback.
- Fixed a control glitch after finding the Store Cube.
- Added floating crates on the minimap while sailing.
- Fixed Attacker Owru's shadow when she flies away.
- Fixed door opening animations.
- Tweaked in-game voice over and sound effect volume levels.
- Fixed a music volume level bug that could sometimes cause volume changes to be ignored.
- Misc small level bug fixes.
- Small graphics improvements and visual effect tweaks.
- Fixed small typos in texts.


Changelog for patch (added 29 January 2016):

- Improved the performance of drawing decoration objects.
- Optimized the performance of bow and bomb aiming when using mouse and keyboard.
- Optimized HUD and UI drawing.
- Tweaked the detection and definition of the default graphics settings.
- Fixed the flamer puzzle on Island of Whispers.
- Fixed a number of small level issues.
- Fixed some small animation glitches.
- Small text and translation fixes.


Changelog for Maintenance Update (added 21 March 2017):

- Shadow improvements.
- Game completion percentage rounding error fixed.
- Sometimes money achievements were not gained with the exact amount of money in bag. This is now fixed.
- Random crash and save game loss after being killed by a botfish fixed.
- Random illogical flying curve of projectiles in dungeons fixed.
- If you play with a gamepad, you can select Sky Island from World Map before unlocking the island.
- It is possible to get "inside" the Sky Island after watching the "Emblem of Sun" cinematics.
- It is possible to walk pass level portal in Great Forest.
- Hero slides uncontrollable if he dies frozen and has "last chance" equipped.
- Misplaced camera when Hermit talks to the hero after completing the well quest.
- Moving cubes removes nearby decoration objects.
- Performing a spinning attack without energy causes the player to be stuck for a moment.
- Blow fish characters cannot be killed with sword after being frozen.
- Tikarel, after completing Sky Island: Book vanishes when touched by a bomb.
- Bomb Island, mines, door in front of boss door: You don't get into the next room when swimming far most left/right through door.
- Tikarel: Stuck behind Neetie's garden.
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Changelog for patch (added 07 February 2018):

- Game is not paused (automatically) when changing to another window. Audio is paused, if game is being run in full screen.
- Game controller detection now happens after the game launch screens.
- Better support for situation where several game controllers are being connected / disconnected.
- Bug fix for: "Ambient sound is not restored after window focus is regained"
- Bug fix for: "Not possible to resume game after 'Game paused' using game pad".
- Turkish language support
- Shadow improvements
- Bug fix for: "Strange sound when using the shield against wooden boxes"
- Bug fix for: "Invisible bomb in shallow ocean water"
- Bug fix for: "Hero puts away sword while spell is active"
- Bug fix for: "Gap beneath the front door of Rigger's home on Withered Lands"
- Bug fix for: "Lost key issue in Sky Island library"
- Bug fix for: "Weird sound with skill attack in dungeons"
- Various other small fixes