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this game looks like it's made for VR. Does it have a VR option or can you tweak it to run in VR? I've read that it once worked with -vr, does this still work?
It worked with -vr and Oculus.
Unfortunately VR support was removed by a recent update (because it was unfinished)
It's not clear if and when the game will have official VR support.
but you still can "grab" a previous version of the game (after buying the game, of course)

The only real issue is the half visible HUD but you still can enjoy and beat the game, it's a walking sim.
Also, no motion controllers. Beside that, it's a blast in VR. Immersion is spot-on, ambiance & visual effects are trippy. A true, beautiful cyberpunk game in VR. The first classic of is kind.
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Thank you very much! Just got the game :)

Do you know until which version this works?
I would like a VR patch it would be awesome.

Are there any plans for it ?
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Agree with previos posters, VR support would be great in this game.

Thanks for listening.
Shame they removed VR support.