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I grew up with Rutgar... his films, TV, and games have always spoken to me. He was not one to sky away from a roll no matter how small or how weird. He was an inspiration to so many, and a legend to many more.

The world grew smaller today, and we are worse for it. We will keep-on fighting for change and a new world..

RIP Mr. Hauer
RIP, indeed.

It makes me sad that I won't hear of more new Rutger Hauer projects ever again. Super interesting human, that one.
I bought this game because Rutger Hauer stars in it. Really a stupid reason to buy a game, especially since the game doesn't even work for me. I'd probably do the same again, though. Who knows, maybe I'll even get it working during this round of retesting (but it will be a long while: alphabetically, I'm still on D after several months and this game is an O).
I just bought this because of him. My pop loves Blade Runner with a passion.
These examples of post-mortem exaggerated flattery are a really bizarre custom.
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