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When will bonuses be available? Thanks
Asking the same question. I only really got System Redux for the Soundtrack and Digital Art book ^^'
Same question, where is the soundtrack and artbook? none of this is present. I buy the Deluxe edition. It starts to be very stressful. Very sad. Why does nothing always work out ok when released?
It shows up as two version in the storefront - deluxe and regular. For the same price. And i am pretty sure i prepurchased deluxe - my profile indicates otherwise, why is that?
Obviosly i did not receive a soundtrack and artbook.
Am displeased.
Observer: System Redux - Deluxe Edition 14.49 $ 2.89 $

Buy Deluxe Edition - no soundtracks and artbook.
I sent an angry request to technical support, let them figure it out. I'm already tired of such things. You order one thing, you get something completely different, this is not acceptable.
Guys, goods just dropped. Check! If not in place - there is a link left by support in the release thread.
Yes, everything is in place, it pleases, but such things will still leave an unpleasant aftertaste.
maks877: When will bonuses be available? Thanks
Bonuses (ie Art Book and soundtrack) are available from launch (yesterday 11/10). Just click on the game you want (you don't need to install the game for this) go to the "extras" tab at the top of the app, and there it is, you can download the additional content.