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I am having issue with this case where when I checked the room 108 and scanned everything within the room, I saved the game and quit gaming. When I got back to it I noticed that I am not able to use any of my special visions (EM, BIO or Night) and also a Log with Middle Mouse Button. I am also not able to use the PC in the room. Now I am stuck in this statement where I can't use them anymore. The only solution is to go back to previous save hard save and not auto save.

EDIT: What I think is that the game "thinks" I am still using the computer, thus preventing me to use any of those special visions + log and thus PC is not interactive anymore. Just a guess though.

EDIT2: After some testing, I noticed that when I use Q for Bio Vision and E for EM Vision, I see blood splatters appear and disappear. So there is some functionality in there, it just doesn't work anymore.

Off Topic: Also when I ALT+TAB to update these comments, it always crash without any error message.
Post edited November 21, 2020 by Polaris.849