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Does anyone have a complete list of the songs in the onboard stereo/has anyone extracted the music files from the game? I've found a couple of the artists on bandcamp but most of them don't return anything useful on google.
from my own research these are the song names/artist names:

Station 55 - Edfokk
Dichromatic - Danii Johnstone
Synth LIght - Edwin Montgomery
Objects in Space - Tamara Violet Partridge
No Return - Adin Milo
Endless Void - Maskedsound
Sailor - Bohsef
Tinker - Maize Wallin
The Cassandra Voyage - Danii Johnstone
Deep Horizon - Luke Murray + Zachary Carlsson
Hash Key - Eliot Fish
The Pulse - Bohsef
Space Love - Adin Milo
Afternoon Moon - Eliot Fish
Asteroids - Spooky Castle Music

any help would be appreciated, cheers.
You should be able to find all the soundtrack files in MP3 format in the game assets, just go to "C:/GOG Games/Objects in Space/Assets" and then to find the files easily just sort by type, they should be all there.