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Which is your favorite character build?

I have recently started to play with Steroids. The first thing I discovered about him is that melee weapons are perfect for him, as they don't get penalized by his innacuracy and they can be swing along his main weapon.

One of my runs gave me two Wrenches in the second stage, and I said... why not? And I equipped them both. Then I got a perfect mutation combo for a melee character: Long Arms, Scarier Face and Gamma Guts.

And it was a blast. Against weak but numerous enemies, I could space my swings to have effectively twice the fire rate of a regular wrench. Against strong enemies, I could hit them with both wrenches at the same time and then finish them off with my Gamma Guts. Against shooting enemies, I could use one swing to deflect their bullets and another one to finish them off. I achieved full ammo on all weapon types and didn't lose any HP until 5-3.

That run felt like a completely new game. I was planning to switch to a non-melee weapon before reaching 7-1, but Small Bandit killed me. Maybe I should have switched to non-melee after completing 5-2.
Crystal, hands down. I like that there are differing characters to choose from, but Crystal's shield ability becomes invaluable against projectiles. Eyes' telekinetic deflecting ability skates in a closed 2nd.