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I've been looking around to a solution to how to play this excellent game online. I've played this game online before, but then I installed it through a physical disc. With the GOG version, I'm told Westwood Online isn't installed. There's a link to an installer on the net, it's linked several places. I've used the installer with both the default target and the nox install folder, but in both cases I still get the "not installed" message. Anyone?
Post edited June 15, 2015 by Vermilicious
Bumping this. I hope to see a multiplayer community pop up. Used to play this way back when and the online play was fantastic.
Ogreleg there's already is a community around for years. Ages.

Anyway, Vermilicious, problem is that gog installer does some weird shit regarding to westwood online and they don't want to fix it because they are very arrogant and nasty. Best thing to do would be to either pirate the installer because it doesn't require you to do retarded stuff.
Got it!

So what I did was this:

Bought Nox via GOG. Downloaded Galaxy and installed Nox.

Downloaded backup copy of the original Nox with the Westwood components.

Moved the Noxforum install over the GOG install to replace files. At first I got a No-Cd message.

Ran the GOG repair tool for Nox, no more error. I can now launch GOG Galaxy, hit Play on Nox, and acces the Westwood Online/XWIS servers in game just like old times. No hassle.

If you don't want to do all this yourself, here's a link to my Nox install files via my Dropbox. (You don't need Dropbox, it's just a download from mine).

Download the Zip. Move the zipped files into the Galaxy/Games/Nox folder and overwrite everything. There is 1 extra folder called Westwood Online. Go in there and run the Westwood Online installer.

Badda-boom! Fully functional Nox multiplayer through GOG Galaxy.

Let me know how it works for you, or if you had any problems.

LINK --> (( w w w. dropbox .com/s/xiq8a288j3hh9mh/ ))

Big time shout out to both and GOG! Let the Nox mayhem begin again! :D

See you guys there.

- I removed the No-CD 1.2b file from the folder because you won't need it for one, and for two I'm hoping that will keep Norton or whatever anti-virus from freaking out over false positives.