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I've always been curious about one of the enemies at the end of the game, the Warhammer-wielding guy wearing black armor. They seem to be a very vampire-inspired enemy: The first one you encounter is in a coffin, they turn into bats and burn up when they die, and their Warhammer has the Vampirism effect. I was wondering though if anyone has any further information about these guys though since there's nothing else in the game with any details. They don't seem to be anywhere on the Nox wiki, though that's sparse already, but I was wondering if anyone who'd looked into the code of the game had any further details about it, like what they're actually called or anything.

Of note, they aren't affected by Dispell Undead, which they should be if they are Vampires, but then the Necromancers aren't and these guys use the same voices as the Necromancers so maybe it's not a vampire and just a warrior Necromancer or something?
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I have not read it fully yet, but maybe there's a mention about them in the Prima's Official Strategy Guide:

I'm guessing they're marked as bosses so may be mentioned somewhere in the walkthrough