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I know it's not particularly relevant or even that big a deal, but it bugs me a bit that they only used screenshots from the Warrior's main campaign. I understand that having new screenshots posted to the game page at this time would be somewhat of a waste of time, but I also believe having only the Warrior's path represented fails to convey what Nox is all about to people remotely interested in the game.

First of all, we Nox aficionados are well aware of this, but newcomers aren't: Nox isn't a Diablo-clone, something the Warrior screenshots do nothing to deny. It's a fun campaign, to be sure, but bearing in mind Nox was initially being developed as a magic hack-n-slash, I think using screenshots from the Wizard and Conjurer quests would only benefit GOG in the long run, as it distinctively shows what's different about this game.

I would also try to be less "spoiler-y" regarding the screenshots I would post, and would definitely remove those from later areas. Nox is a beautiful game that aged quite nicely, and even with its limited, non-procedurally generated levels, has quite a few number of gorgeous areas to show in screenshots, rather than resorting to late-game levels. I mean, the Infinity Engine D&D games aged way worse than Nox, and the GOG staff took care to show areas of those games on their game pages that make them seem more beautiful than what they actually are. The screenshots used for Nox do nothing in its favor, they certainly don't clearly show this isn't a simple Diablo-clone, and they don't show how well the game aged, as well.

Mind you, this isn't a rant or a vent or me flaming GOG. I'm not even complaining, just making a suggestion that I think would benefit the game's sales and, ultimately, GOG themselves.

What are your thoughts on the matter?
Certainly couldn't do any harm