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nox won't launch what is noxsolution?
sirstanley1: nox won't launch what is noxsolution?
Noxsolution is definitely the way to go. You can find it here:

Win98 compatibility + Run as admin worked for me - but only at 640x480. Anything higher kept switching back to the desktop and switching back to the game caused major flickering.

Dxwnd is a clever solution (never heard of it before visiting this topic) but I was getting a ridiculously low frame rate.
Problems playing Nox?

Instructions for playing (You can even play it in modern resolutions -if you can read the small texts-):

1.- Install Nox (GOG)
2.- Install Opennox ( It'll recognice the Nox data folder (GOG version) even if you install it in another dir.
3.- Start the game from opennox.exe (for traditional resolutions) or opennox-hd.exe for HD, QHD or 4K resolutions.
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cameran: Using Galaxy I was able to get a workaround which doesn't require downloading an extra file. Here is what I did:

I set BOTH "Game.exe" compatibility mode to Windows 98/ Windows ME and Nox.exe compatibility to Windows XP SP2. That did the trick and now I can launch and play the game through Galaxy.

Hope that helps someone.
this worked for me!

thanks for the tip.

1 - First of all, disable all compatibility options for the game shortcut.
2 - Then download the latest version of cnc-ddraw:
3 - And unzip the file in the game root directory; open "cnc-ddraw config.exe" and make the changes you see fit.