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Just a quick comment... while most people are interested in playing with high resolutions, I found it much easier to play 640x480. For sure the visible area is reduced with low res but since fonts and UI are not scaled, everything becomes much easier to read also clicking mobs is easier.

Note: I'm new to the game and so far it is a good discovery :-)
Post edited November 17, 2013 by 4St4rs
Nox is probably one of the best games on GOG, I have a lot of fond memories of my time with it, back in the day. Few games on the GOG catalog deserve the moniker of 'hidden gem' as Nox: completely overshadowed by Diablo II when it was released, despite all the innovation it had over the latter, it keeps getting overlooked even today. But once you discover it, rest assured you're in for a treat. Superb gameplay, funny characters and dialogue, lots of cool combat mechanics, a solid and fun online experience, loads of replay value (completing the main quest with all three classes, then playing solo challenges and online battles), great soundtrack, decent voice acting, graphics that didn't age that bad at all and some ambitious mechanics added in for good measure all make Nox an extremely good video game.

Regarding the resolutions, it's just a matter of personal choice and taste. Myself, I agree with you, I tend to play these older games in their native resolutions, since high-res patches often zoom and expand everything so much that I feel like I'm playing with stick figures, due to how small they appear in-game. Fonts are definitely easier to read and NPCs/enemies are easier to spot, click, interact with and attack. I understand why people have the need to play with patches and mods and fixes to get old games looking "better" in high resolution on their monitors, but I'm definitely on the side of us true old-school gamers that stick to the original 640x480 or 800x600.