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Hey forums!

First of all, I'd like to apologize if this thread servers no purpose, but needless to say I've done excessive googling, searching and what-not that I simply have no strength to carry on...

I bought Nox, incredibly awesome game I've always loved (and lost the CDs long time ago) and after installing I have issues with it crashing.
Right after installation, screen goes black for a moment and then it crashes.

I've tried the following

-reinstalling the game
-all compability modes
-running in windowed mode
-all other options in the compatibility window and combinations of them

And the best I could get was Nox running in very weird resolutions with ugly purple over-exposed colors sort of thing. But it ran fine with no other lags...

The system I'm running is HP ProBook 4540s with Windows 8 and Intel HD Graphics - onboard.
I'm pretty confident that HW wise it's sufficient (it's 14 years old game after all)

Any idea how to run it? Thanks a heap.