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I'm having a great time with the game! I've heard this game compared to Diablo 2. Are they similar? I'm debating about picking up Diablo 2 since I seem to like these type of games.
Not even close. They maybe both action RPGs but the execution is very different. Nox focuses more on the story and less on the loot. Diablo 2 is the opposite where the story is terrible (but the videos between acts are amazing) and it focuses on loot.
Also unlike Nox, playable characters in Diablo 2 have three skill trees each and every level up (and completing certain quests) you will get five stat points and one skill point, which you use for raising your stats (strength, dexterity, vitality, energy) and purchasing/upgrading your skills respectively.
thanks for the comments :)
Prufrock123: ...
Closest thing to Nox on GOG is Divine Divinity, IMHO. Sorta halfway between Nox and Diablo 2 but more story driven than D2. Took me around sixty hrs to complete DD.

Sacred Gold, huge world and also similar to D2. Took me around 90 hrs to complete SG ( it keeps up with your game time). I explored EVERYTHING. Only negative was respawn in SG. Once I got used to that I used it to my advantage in leveling up. I preferred DD over SG but had a blast playing both games and Nox . . . =)
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They don't really play that similarly outside of the controls.
They are not similar anyway. I think Nox is focuses on actional elements and tournament (as you can witness through online multiplay), D2 is focuses on story and item collecting.
Nox is an action game with RPG elements. It was originally designed with multiplayer deathmatch between the 3 character classes in mind. Equipment durability in this game is more akin to ammo in Quake. In my opinion it's one of the few "Action RPGs" that actually lived up to the title.

Diablo 2 is like an RTS game with only one unit.

Nox wins.
both games are great, nox wins out though, amazing story, great voice acting, and funny :P
I'd say they are only similar in genre,

Nox is much more interesting and fast paced, You only have to manage your equipment and theres massive difference between each class, not only in gameplay, but in story content too(up to a certain point).

Whereas Diablo 2 (Although its a great game) is all about stat management & looting, theres a lot less to it visually aswell, the backdrops get repetative fast
(Although this is most probably due to the way they made the levels look in order for them to be randomly generated without any clipping issues and such, kind of like the dungeons in Oblivion)

Get Diablo 2, s'good, it just doesn't beat Nox