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I am currently part of a skype group that plays Nox. Just today I hosted and played a game with six people thanks to announcing it on this group.
If you have skype, add me "FredTheIdiot" or join the group at

skype:?chat&blob=KX_xqJsdLI6KbI23DqN7boylX500cQMFWBEoY768UiHaILcNsq9hBkFX5NfVJg1Jlclf5-aG8e71FYltyObX7AUtR SrOP _0OfWHjxMmrPovgOh35yV6ihh4n6l4_gQ03EPU8EeSi4Xu2u3SV7xeS-L0uEXBk41GwsX-mnJegUd4kpgsf7cuM-lDsRiGGqDYA7HiT5tLa9i1 T7T9Y7DU40XZH

just post that in a chat and click it to join the group (Or just add me and I'll put you in the group)

One of The Admins of the Group is "speedyaviv123" (Axis)

The Group is full of Nice people, I hope you feel welcomed

I keep adding onto this... I wanted to note that we can help you get to play online, it's glitchy but once you get past WestWood and actually into a game, it's a blast
Post edited December 17, 2015 by FredTheIdiot
Verifying that this is legit and that I am also one of the admins.