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HI i was wondering if anybody knows a fix around this no audio error i am getting, i am on windows xp and when i install the game and play it the audio doesn't play when it shows the logo in the intro and makes a popping sound through the headphones and doesn't play any sound at all, and it seems to mess up the sound on my entire computer because when i go to websites and try to listen to music or something i still cant hear anything until a restart my computer, anybody know a fix? Thanks
Never had this happen to me with Nox, but the first thing I'd try is disabling hardware acceleration for audio.
Marbull67: HI i was wondering if anybody knows a fix around this no audio error i am getting
Try running "GAME.EXE" instead of "NOX.EXE". That fixed sound stuttering issues that I was having. With luck it might help you as well.

NOX.EXE appears to run some sort of SoundBlaster compatibility setting.

Thanks to whomever figured out the GAME.EXE option (it wasn't me).
I'm having the same exact problem with the sound. But I'm running game.exe and I still can't hear any sound.

Update: I did some more searching and it looks like the game sometimes defaults all the sound levels to 0. I went into the Option menu and turned everyone back up and now the sound seems to work.
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