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Anyone know how to properly use the fireballs in the wizard traps? Every time I use them it's like a gamble, the fireballs seem to fire off practically at random and I can't ever get them to hit anything. It almost feels like there's some pattern to them depending on the way I'm facing when placing the trap or something, but I can't for the life of Jack get them to ever hit anything. I pretty much gave up using fireball in traps, but fireball is like the most powerful spell I can work with right now and could really use the extra damage from them in some spots.
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Did some testing once I had the trigger trap spell and I think I finally figured it out. When placing the trap, the fireballs do appear to fire in the direction you're facing at the time of placement. If you pick up the trap and place it again though, the fireball will fire in opposite the direction you're facing when triggered. Because of how the fireball spawns, an enemy triggering the trap could be outside of the fireball's hitbox by the time the trap goes off, resulting in the fireball missing entirely just due to placement. Fireball as a trap spell seems to work best as a trigger trap to fire off multiple fireballs at once.