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I was wondering if anyone else has the game in compatibility mode when they installed the game. When I looked at the properties it said it was in compatibility mode for windows 98. It is not really a problem, I was just wondering if this happened to others.
Ran perfectly for me on Win7. Just checked the properties and yeah, it's in the compatability mode for win98, automatically, since I didn't have to change the properties on my own.
Strange. I just downloaded the GOG version, but I am still running the CD version on my Win 7 64bits version. I just check the properties and it is not operating in the compatibility mode. My CD version is updated with the latest patch (NoxQuest 1.2).
After installation the comaptibility mode was set to Windows 98/ Windows Me.

I couldnt get it running with this option. It directly crashes and windows tells me that there is a problem with the rundll32. When i changed it to Windows XP Service Pack 3 the Game starts but it keeps crashing after the charakter selection screen ...