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I just wanted to know; I've been looking at this game on youtube and it looks weird as heck. I'm not quite sure how it plays (what's with that doll thing of the main character?), but considering it's from Gremlin and roughly from the same time as Realms of the Haunting, I'm guessing it plays kinda the same. It seems to be a mix of adventure and FPS, am I right or totally off base here?
I remember watching a playthrough of Realms of the Haunting on YouTube, and it was stated in the playthrough that Realms used the engine from Normality. From what I read on Wikipedia, Normality predates Realms of the Haunting by about a year (with Normality being released June 1996, and Realms being released in 1997). The engine used in Normality was also used for Realms, but it was probably modified.

As to the gameplay, Normality is probably closer to a typical adventure game, as Realms of the Haunting incorporates in combat, while Normality does not.
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