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I would like to run the game on the current beta branch, to try out modding. Unfortunately the beta is not listed as a channel in GOG Galaxy. On Steam, there's the option to select "noitabeta_mods" under Betas.

Do I have to rebuy the game on Steam to play on beta? Are there any plans to support the beta branch here?

Any info would be appreciated!
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This is currently the question in my mind before I buy the game, don't want to buy it on steam but would like to play beta branch instead
I'm curious why this isn't available for GOG. There was a slight hotfix that came out today, but no mod support yet. It would be nice to test out new features as they come rather than wait an extra couple of weeks to see anything new. Of course, this is just how I feel about it as an early-access game. Steam seems like the choice if you want mods, at least for now.
I'd love to see the same update speed as on steam here on gog too :)
I normally buy my games on GOG, but made an exception for this game for this reason. It's a pity really.
In general its better to buy early access titles on Steam if you want to be more involved with development or stay uptodate with beta changes. Personally I don't mind getting slower updates and view this as more of a prepurchase with immediate access if I want to dip into it before its done.
We got an update :)
anyways, this game is quite addictive
I hear version 13.12.2019 is out, and still no update on GOG!