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Do not read on, if you didn't finish or even start the two quest lines 1.38 provides.

You have been warned.

Having quite some hours on the clock, and parking the the Heart of the Sun orb for quite a while in my inventory, I consider moving on to Calypso for getting my butt kicked harder .

I've spoiled it for myself by reading up on what to expect. I was forced into that by the game failing on me by getting stuck in what I as an RPG player would call a trvial quest line.

Back on topic, I see no reaon to leave Euclid, since ms expectation is to get more of the exactly the same, just with RNG probabilitty leaning more towards whatever you pick at the Atlas.

Will I get new challenges picking raging, or will I just need to stock up on def-agg-tech I allready know ?