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I've been playing NMS for quite a while now, and finally decided, that I'd like to see messages of other players. Won't be able to see other players bases using GOG Galaxy, I think.

So, I installed GOG Galaxy, started it, and then simply started NMS and loaded up my single player save, expecting, that I'd need to create a new game in order to be online.

Right ?


I was online instantly. Nice thing, basically. But: In single player I had claimed a planet, where I went in order to get an S Class Experimental multi-tool.

Now that planet suddenly was claimed by me in multiplayer. I have no idea about the consequences of that in multiplayer, but I thought it to be at least very impolite thanking the guys for their exploration by stomping my foot right into their system :/

Back to the portal, and a few minutes of rough exo-ride later I claimed base on my original beginner planet. Really hope I didn't break anything for other players.

And yes, I tried reading up on this beforehand, but information on multiplayer seems to be quite scarce and more often than not lacks patch version information. On top of that I'm not using Steam.

While I got used to every planet trying to kill me in survival, the few minutes of getting myself out of that system and claim base in another were quite close to the 'get to your ship' starting experience :o)
You don't need to worry too much about the planet claiming thing, I've put nearly 100 hours into NMS and only seen maybe like 2 claimed planet by other players and one system that I was not the discoverer of. There's plenty of bases to go around it seems :D
Heh -- yes, you're right, there's really plenty of planets to claim, and I imagine it's really, really hard to accidentially run into someone else :)

But in this case I, for the first time ever since I play this game, switched from single player to multiplayer. While I had claimed base on a well-known planet. And I still have no idea about the consequences of that. I've read, that one consequence might be, that other players bases in that system become invisible to other players.

And now that I got this really nice multi-tool I feel like a cheater, since I feel I kind of got it handed on a plate, although I had to scan the planet for about an hour in order to actually find it in single player. Heck. LOL.

Interessing question: What happens, if two players running offline claim base on the same planet, and then go online ? Maybe even the very same base ? More than unlikely, but I like thinking in edge cases. And, you seem to need to upload your base to steam in order to make it visible for other players.

That probably explains, why a customized player base might become invisible, if someone else claims base on that planet in MP. That kind of collision deletes the existing structures from public view, but keeps it for the player who built it. But then, will they become visible again, if I claim base on another planet ?

Oh, well ... %)
Yeah I think you're spot on with that, I'm believe that once you claim another base, the previous base becomes "free" or in the case that 2 players own the same base, it becomes visible again.
I don't know much more than that. I've been playing on multiplayer since I got the game, there's really no point in playing singleplayer as the experience is the same with the added bonus that you might discover someone else's base (And I believe you can get some crafting recipes if you do) plus you can find messages.
I'm in for about 140 hours now. The clock says 180, but I sometimes literally forgot, that I left my char standing in my base or freighter picking its nose, while being busy with other things.

That's quite something, given the fact, that I abandoned the game two times for its lack of basic UI guidance during the first few minutes. I like to be challenged by a games' mechanics, not by its user interface.

Having said that, I quite enjoy the single player experience, but then I have to agree with you on the messages available in MP. After I've basically seen it all (hey, it's deterministic with a grain of RNG and that's it), I kind of longed for something not proceduraly generated. And wanting to leave a 'thank you' message for the multi-tool seemed to be the perfect occassion to finally jump into MP.

I didn't know about the possibility of being rewarded with a recipe for stumbling over another players base. That would be quite an incenitve to try and actually find player bases. But then, from my experience, the game seems to be pretty unsure about what to hand you, and more often than not I was told I'd get tech, and ended up with some units and no tech. Well, better than being handed the same recipe multiple times, which I also experienced on multiple occassions :/

They really need to add more less or even non-random carrots on a stick to this tech-demo, instead of sometimes just nerfing stuff. That's more easily said than done, of course.

Update: Typo fixes. At least the very obvious ones :)
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