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If I am assuming this is correct I'm worried to say the least...

The NEXT UPDATE trailer doesn't show a GOG icon anywhere, is this version not supported anymore?

If so, I'd like a full refund, even if I spent 100+ hours and 2 years in the game... If it's not supported anymore I'm definitely thinking about going over to the Steam Version, even though it has more DRM attached, I still can't believe HELLO GAMES left out the GOG icon accidentally... there is a few other things that still drive me nuts about the GOG version, no way to actually visit other players.. Tried MANY TIMES. just won't happen, if it does show a video. The Steam version just has more support.. Sure this version is DRM free, but does that take more presidence over freedom to share base designs, visit people??

As of right now, NMS is dead to me, on PS4 and GOG... It's just not fun at all.. I really hope the summer update really shakes things up big time. Full Customizable Avatars would be nice for one, and if I'm hearing this right, they're working on cities in NMS.. Not sure what else they could do to really bring me back in, maybe more ships, new ways to upgrade all inventories, customize colors on all owned items.. I want my game to actually be unique so friends are surprised when they do get a chance to visit my planet! BTW, GOG can try to get the base sharing and visiting other players worlds working properly...
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Right now every feature is pure speculation on the communities part.
As for the GOG logo missing being intentional or accidental, who can say. If the past is any indication Hello Games are pretty good when it comes to supporting GOG, releasing updates on time (unlike other games where you wait weeks for the gog version to update). Who knows, maybe the MP in GOG will be available for NEXT, since (again pure speculation) some have said the MP would be crossplay between PC and Xbox, meaning it would not be tied to steam specifically which in turn means they would either be hosting their own server for MP specific interactions or it would be peer to peer in nature, for both of which there is no excuse not to include in the GOG release.
Can they do that? Support GOG then suddenly decide not to?

That would be bad form. I don`t think that will be the case. Most likely they`d rather most people went Steam before going GOG, so they `forget` to include that GOG`s an option. Seen this marketing tactic before, a lot of people still don`t know about GOG - it`s how they push you in Steam`s direction and when you find out too late they have plausible deniability of "Using GOG was always an option even if we forgot to put the logo there."

It`s also, in my view, why GOG updates tend to come later than Steam`s, sometimes by quite a while.

Many games that GOG don`t have a GOG symbol because of this. Marketing and Publishers would still prefer you went Steam where they are guaranteed to have you tracked.
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Have they ever included a GOG icon in their promotional video's? I don't think so.

So i would put it down as more likely an 'oversight', and Hello Games have shown they are good at those ;)