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Besides the multiplayer, the other big announcement for the game is the weekly event. They offer a special currency unique to them. Are we getting these at all, or is this another area where, instead getting No Man's Sky NEXT, we're getting No Man's Sky N?
Yeah this is something I also would really like to know. If we still get these then I'm a lot more forgiving and more willing to wait until they fix the coop / multiplayer part of it.

What I've seen I very much like so far from all the other improvements, so the intial anger is a bit lessed now, still pissed though, but that is something I would rather enjoy as well. I guess there is no way of telling at the moment though.
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I'm sincerely considering the Steam sales -.-
Zimnel: I'm sincerely considering the Steam sales -.-
I will not be rewarding Hello Games with another sale because of their incompetance. It sends completely the wrong message that we will spend more money because we got an inferior version of the product.