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God of Gnomes Monasterial Science (GoGnMS) founded earlier that day!

The Prologue
Like so many travelers I'm on a long journey to the center of the galaxy since weeks (not really knowing why...). My ship says that there are still 500k light years. Phew...
Yesterday I took a break beeing dizzy from all the traveling through black holes. On a somehow strange planet I built a small base and ate some fungal mould for dinner. Next I remember is that I woke up in the night and heard a voice:

The Dialogue
Voice: Turn back! The center of the galaxy is the wrong way!
Me: Eh? But the Atlas...
Voice: The Atlas! Pah! Someone must have built the Atlas.
Me: Well. Who knew... But who?
Voice: Gnomes can handle orbs and machines best.
Me: A gnome?
Voice: Not just any gnome! To create a entity wich handles galaxys a God of Gnomes is needed.
Me: Now, that is astonishing. Will I meet him in the center of the galaxy?
Voice: No! Gnomes are working from the inside to the outside (they aren't dwarfs...)
Me: So I have to turn back?
Voice: Quod erat demonstrandum.
Me: But will I meet him in the Fade?
Voice: ...

(In the morning I found a decalogue carved in a fungal cluster. I can't show you, because I ate it for breakfast later on... but I think I remember following words...)

The Decalogue
1. Thou shalt not go to the center of your galaxy.
2. Thou shalt tell the travelers you meet that the center is the wrong direction if you go to the center nonetheless. 2b) Thou shalt spread the word making everyone a believer also if you go for somewhere completely different.
3. Thou shalt set up pilgrims routes for believers.
4. Thou shalt ... no wait... They shalt - the pilgrims routes - shalt lead in good old fashioned gnomeish style from the inside to the outside.
5. Thou shalt build monasteries on the routes for pilgrims where they can rest and study the gnomely scriptures. (Author's note: 'Gnomely scriptures' ... ?)
6. Thou shalt build a monument at the end of every pilgrims route to worship the God of Gnomes.
7. Thou shalt honor the fungal mould.
8. Thou shalt not be a pirate even if you ever wanted to be a pirate. If you are a pirate nonetheless thou shalt follow all the other commandments anyway.
9. ... (Author's note: Crap, I can't remember this one... I think it began with 'Thou shalt...')
10. Thou shalt search for the missing 9th Commandment.

Oh man... actually I really wanted to be a pirate in this game! Well, at least the rules are fairly elastic...
Wondering how to realize this pilgrim thing I learned something about portal travel! And I found one on the planet.

Here's the portal code: 509B01EA8B4D

You got to see it to believe it! One of two vistors swear to high heaven that they heard the voice on the planet!

Are there portals on every planet?
rostfreyh: Are there portals on every planet?
AFAIK there is supposed to be one on each planet and moon, although there are probably exceptions. I seem to recall that there is (or was) an issue with systems having more than five (or six?) portals, where the farther out portals were not reachable.

Nice base!
Thank you, sir! Nice you found it (on the other side of the planet from portal...). For the future monastery building I know that I should find the portal before building the base. Thanks!

Hey! Wait a minute! I see you wearing my pyjamas on this photo...

Well, that's okay if I left them there ;)