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I've ran into so many bugs I hope v1.52 fixes them. ie caint get back to the portal , left hanging in space after landing in a fretghter, multiply crash to desktop, falling under my base . on and on I never had a crash with 1.38 so we will see...

won't even mention the fact that all and I mean ALL ..of my extra ships are missing ARGH
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At least, you should be able to call your extra ships down to the planet with the X menu.
Is there a proper place to report bugs at all? There's a couple I could point out too - like how thermal protection modules are backward. If you buy one that says it protects from heat, it changes to protecting from cold after installed, and vice versa.
Hello Games Zendesk website allows you to report bugs (if on PC):

Just use the pull down menu in the 'Enter instructions here' tab :)