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If anyone wants to play with me add me as friend and message me!
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Ahoi Sultanson,

I somehow don't see much multiplayer potentialities in this game. The co-op missions don't look much more exciting than the usual random-quests, do they?

So what are your plans? Stay in Euclid or travel to Iousongola? Build an evil empire? What did you think of?

Best regards
I've added you. so I'll play with you. I've got 250 hours in on NMS, but I havent played an online game since the 80s!!!

How do I get your name to show up in the NMS start menu?
Johntodd: ~ ping ~
Could you, please, change your chat settings and send me a message? Cheers.
How do I get my Gog frineds on the frieds list in NMS?
I would like to try multiplayer in NMS. Please accept the friend's request or send me one.