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Controller problems have been noted on other forums in other places, but not so much here (found one other post mentioning it).

I use a PS4 controller on my PC and I amp it up with DS4 for Windows when games need the X-Box support. 9 Parchments has some very strange symptoms with or without any optional controller software.

It automatically scrolls menus sometimes, or it skips line with the input commands (double input? I disable drivers and it still happens).

Button presses are erratic, sometimes behaving with the desired command, other times doing something entirely different.

Finally, the right stick is Pandora's Box itself. I have found if I press it left it either starts a random game (which then proceeds to simultaneously have my character spout acknowledgements while running off the nearest cliff), or simply exits the application no questions asked.

It's actually highly entertaining, except that I love this game and want to play it with friends (and controllers are kinda key to that).

Has anyone else found a solution to this problem?

I've tried: deactivating DS4 (running off the stock ps4 driver), using DS4 and labeling it as XBOX controller, and plugging in a Logitech Gamepad. All of them go on the fritz when in game.
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For those who have this problem I discovered a solution.

When using DS4 for controller solutions I tend to just press "stop" to stop the service. That simply does not work with 9 Parchments. You have to completely close it down, process and all (watch the taskbar). Once DS4 is completely out of the way, whatever conflict the game has ceases to exist. Use the cable/bluetooth of your computer to connect your PS4 controllers, (they will glow pale blue regardless of player position), and it is stable.

I think the problem arises from the game accepting PS4 controllers natively, which is a dandy feature, but really messes with the DS4 software.
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Hours and Hours of research and experimentation later and I believe I have a more complete knowledge of controllers, their drivers, and this problem. It isn't exclusive to 9 Parchments. Other games, like Dark Souls 2, suffer from the sporadic right stick, the mismatched buttons, and the constant input errors. It appears it has something to do with X-input vs. Direct Input, but it goes deeper than that.

When you use the DS4Windows software you are plugging in a PS4 controller and it is using a virtual bus to disguise it as an XBox controller. According to windows you have both controllers plugged in. Some games are fine with that because they don't accept direct input, only X, but games like the above mentioned, and 9 Parchments, may accept both. And, they may accept it at the same time. Suddenly you are feeding all sorts of input into the game, and it goes completely crazy.

DS4 has a built-in solution to this, but it is somewhat difficult to get working in more recent Windows, especially if you have Steam, Nvidia, and Xbox software on your computer. This mode is called Exclusive Mode ("Hide DS4 Controller" in the settings). It hides the port the normal DS4 controller shows up on, making the simulated Xbox controller the ONLY controller your computer can see. It's great.

But, Exclusive Mode will probably come up with red fail text in the bottom of the DS4 box the first time you click on it. This is because many game services (Steam, Nvidia Experience, Xbox, U-play, Origin, and whatever else) want your controller to reference them. They want that middle playstation button to summon their overlay, and so they grab onto the driver and won't let it go. In this case, they are grabbing the wrong driver. The one for the PS4 controller. Now when DS4Windows tries to go Exclusive the driver is being used, and it can't isolate it.

So, you need to close down all overlay services when you start it up. Shut down Steam, turn off Nvidia Overlay, take out Xbox for Windows Overlay, and anything else you have that wants to run over your game and use that lovely controller button (GOG Galaxy doesn't seem to reference the driver at this point, so I never had to close it).

Once all of your other services are closed you can open DS4Windows, Press "Hide DS4 Controller," and bam.

9 Parchments works like a charm with Xbox output from your PS4 controller. So does Dark Souls 2, for that matter.

Or, like I mentioned in my previous post, you can just turn off the DS4Windows software and play with its native PS4 Controller support, which is lovely. But, if you like custom lightbars, a mouse touchpad on the controller, and Xbox game support, this method is for you.
If you see the buttons in the menus flicker between controller and mouse buttons, and it is difficult to select menu items, but you have no controller plugged in, see if you have a joystick connected.

The game detected the joystick as a controller.
The general conclusion is: Don't buy it on GOG, it is a sub-par product compared to the steam version.