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I can't complete some achievements. No idea why.
I start a game in hardcore difficulty and play. No achievements given. I close game and reopen it. "Congratulations, you achieve 3 different ice spell in your spellbook!" WTF?
I have to reopen game after every step?
But how can I achieve "heal 1000 hp" or "heal yourself with heal barrage, huge heal and other"? If I will heal and will reopen game, I don't get any achievements (I checked it).
I want to note that I unlock Gilded Cornelius (complete the game in hardcore), but not unlock Cornelius the Forester (complete the game). If I have to complete game by Cornelius, why I can't unlock Gislan, because I completed game while playing for her (and yes, I healed more than 1000 hp and heal with huge heal).
nothing.jpg (225 Kb)
I also have this problem....
So, today I try to kill 1st boss in hard difficulty.
As I expected I didn't get achievement. Why?!
4_level.jpg (415 Kb)
4_skills.jpg (421 Kb)
It seems everything is working now.