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1 - Crashes / Known issues / solutions
2 - Performance Issues
3 - Restoring savegames from backup

1 - Crashes / Known issues / solutions

If the game is crashing and an error report window opens, there's a link in the report window that leads you to a minidump file. Please make a new post and give us a link to download the minidump. You can upload the files to DropBox for example or come send it to us on Discord:
The minidump can be found here: C:\Users\*yourUser*\AppData\Local\MyProject\Saved\Crashes

Ship level challenge room switch crashes game

A very specific challenge room in the ship levels will crash the game when you activate the switch at the end. It's the one with the thin planks over water and spikes. Either skip the challenge room, don't activate the switch or get a different level with a different challenge room.

Game crashes with crash report on start

If you were able to play the game another day, but today it crashes, it's possible that your savegames are corrupted. First, send us the minidump by following the steps in section 1, then follow the steps in section 3.

Game closes with no crash report

It's possible that your antivirus could think the game is a false positive, so try disabling it. If that doesn't fix it, you might have this very rare issue on Intel processors:

Follow these steps to resolve it:
- Open Control Panel and navigate to System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings (in left side of Control Panel window)
- Click Environment Variables... and click New under System Variables
- Enter "OPENSSL_ia32cap" in Variable name, and ":~0x20000000" in Variable value. (don't copy the ")
- Press OK and restart your computer

Game starts on wrong monitor

How to move the window to another monitor:
- Once the game is open, you can lower the resolution a bit and switch to windowed mode and apply that. If you don't lower the resolution, the top of the window won't be visible on screen and it'll look like the game is in fullscreen window mode, but it isn't, and you won't be able to drag the window.
- Once you have a window, press ALT+TAB once so that the window loses focus, then move your mouse carefully to the top bar of the window without entering it, because it would catch it... Then you can drag and drop the window to another monitor.
- Once this is done, you can go back in the options and set the game to fullscreen or fullscreen window and it should be fullscreen in this new monitor.

Czech keyboard number keys aren't recognized by the game

For now, temporarily change your keyboard to an US one in Windows. You can also setup quick language switching in Windows.

Mouse not clicking sometimes

Disabling your laptop's track pad has been known to fix this issue. If it persists, try changing the game from fullscreen to borderless or the other way around. Make sure no application is taking the mouse focus away from the game. Discord has been known to take mouse focus away when you receive messages.

Mouse cursor stuck after alt+tabbing

This is a known issue that happens after pressing the left stick with a gamepad in the game menu. Will be fixed with the Chapter 3 update.

Gamepad controls don't work in the minigame

This is a known issue that will be fixed with the Chapter 3 update. You can play the minigame with the keyboard.

2 - Performance Issues

Here are the most important settings to lower in order to get significant performance gains:
- Disable dynamic shadows completely
- Install the game on a SSD
- Lower visual effects
- Lower view distance
- Lower decorations
- Lower resolution
- Set the game to fullscreen

While the game has pixel art, it does things that even AAA games today don't do like fully dynamic lights and shadows, blood and gore that never disappears, tons of destructible objects and tons of objects with rich-physics.

Rest assured that we'll work to further improve game performance through Early Access.

3 - Restoring savegames from backup

Your savegames are located in the "Nightmare Reaper\MyProject\Content\Settings" folder.

- First, copy the whole folder in case you make a mistake.
- Copy the files that have _back somewhere else and remove the _back.
- Start the game and immediately, before the game is started, delete everything in the Settings folder and paste the backup files in there.

You must do things this way, or else Steam will revert your savegames when it syncs with the cloud. You can also temporarily disable the cloud if you want.

If the backup is corrupted too, delete everything and the game will create new savegames.
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