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Chapter 2 is almost here. Here's the official message from ItBurn.
Hi everyone,

I've been saying that the release date for Chapter 2 of Nightmare Reaper would be at the end of summer, and as you know, summer ends later this month. This won't be enough time to complete it and I felt that I had to tell the community and also give you a hard release date to make up for it.

Nightmare Reaper Chapter 2 will release on october 31st 2020, on Halloween.

Open testing for the beta will start at around two weeks before the release date. All you need to do to participate is to own the game and ask for access to the beta on the Discord.


Did you watch Realms Deep 2020? It was a crazy boomer shooter event last weekend and it features footage of a ton of retro shooters, including Nightmare Reaper.

Check out a gameplay trailer of Chapter 2:

Did you miss Realms Deep? Day two of the event also contains an interview with lead developer ItBurn:

A peek at another location in Chapter 2:

An in-progress look at completely revamped blood effects:

An appropriate rebranding of the horse water powerup:

How to get more frequent updates

Follow @NightmareReape4 on Twitter for up-to-date news and bi-weekly previews.

Join the Discord channel for minute-to-minute updates and to chat directly with the devs.

- ItBurn
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Thanks, I'm looking forward to the update.