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Patch 1.4

Fixed : Street level could spawn enemy inside truck.
Fixed : Infinite magazine weapons would freeze the game.
Fixed : Crash when activating challenge room switch.
Fixed : Door wouldn't unlock if enemy escaped room.
Fixed : Freeze when exiting the level bounds.
Fixed : Forcefield could overlap switch.
Fixed : Third mode for a weapon wouldn't change the weapon stat via the doc.
Fixed : Freeze when opening weapon interface when entering minigame door.
Fixed : Floating plank in ship level.
Fixed : Village signs overlapping switches.
Fixed : Z fighting textures in street levels.
Fixed : Grappling hooks don't hit where you're aiming.
Fixed : Possessed elevator in tutorial 2.
Fixed : +Attack weapon stat for alternate fire is removed after reflection powerup is done.
Changed : Made many chapter 2 challenge rooms easier.
Changed : Clarified doctor question text.
Changed : Removed homing stat on scrap launcher.
Changed : Lowered non-volumetric fog density.
Changed : Reduced chance of pull and kickback weapon stats.
Changed : Right click no longer goes back a page in the options and minigame.
Changed : Mouse wheel no longer changes values in options.
Changed : Activate key now closes notes and credits.
Changed : Made casing sounds louder.
Changed : Made green foliage less bright.
Changed : Added grapple switch tutorial 2.
Changed : Added disabled grapple over open water tutorial 2.

Patch 1.3

Fixed : Switch could spawn inside a store shelf in underground level.
Fixed : Force field can block path in docks level.
Fixed : Rare crash when stunning an enemy that just spawned.
Fixed : Toxic trashcans don't explode directly on impact when thrown.
Fixed : Rare crash with decorations on low.

Patch 1.2

Fixed : Switches can spawn inside of store shelves.
Fixed : Allowed access to all outside areas where enemies could end up in.
Fixed : Can open locked kill-all door with light switch.
Fixed : Tentative fix for infinite loop when shocking water.
Fixed : Wrong movement settings when switching save slot.
Changed : Moved hub benches around to make big jump direction more obvious.
Changed : Weapons are slowly attracted to player if close.

Patch 1.1

Fixed : Picked up weapon doesn't equip if you have no weapons.
Fixed : Boss orb can be stuck high in the sky.
Fixed : First chapter 2 boss can be yeeted a mile into the sky.
Fixed : Treasure count can be negative or over the maximum.
Fixed : Can get stuck in one office end room.
Fixed : Switch can spawn inside a store shelf in building levels.
Fixed : Can get to Chapter 2 zones prematurely.
Fixed : Can walk in river in world 1 of skill tree.
Fixed : One battery can activate two switches.
Fixed : Number weapon input is reset on game start for gamepad.
Fixed : Rare crash when decorations setting is low.
Fixed : Can respawn inside of boat in hub when falling in water.
Fixed : Some beds would give too much clutter combo.
Fixed : Can be stuck in level end screen if we only have a level 3 weapon.
Fixed : Blue elevators can block doors they shouldn't.
Changed : Made howitzer attack of tank boss not aim at player's feet.
Changed : Added an exit path to one park challenge room.

Patch 1.0

This only includes fixes and changes that aren't about chapter 2.

Fixed : Enemy animations aren't slowed down during slow motion.
Fixed : Reduced amount of stuck enemies.
Fixed : Sewer room with spawnable area that was too short.
Fixed : Reloading heavy sniper rifle only reloaded 5 bullets.
Fixed : Bad distance calculation and headshot detection for explosions.
Fixed : Door decals aren't removed sometimes and hide secrets.
Fixed : Rare crash on level end.
Fixed : Rare crash when breaking a secret wall.
Fixed : World 4 boss jump is almost impossible.
Fixed : Secret door in third boss room breaks exit.
Fixed : Enemy that leaves kill-all room breaks it.
Fixed : Crash during suicide.
Fixed : Crash when changing view distance.
Fixed : Potential issues with kill-all rooms when enemies might exit the map.
Fixed : Invalid minigun mods.
Fixed : Getting level 2 or 3 weapon wouldn't unlock achievement.
Fixed : Picked up objects can go through static objects.
Fixed : Incompatible mods from some weapons.
Fixed : Chain enemies can get you stuck on level geometry.
Fixed : Kill-all doors sometimes don't open.
Fixed : Potential issue where treasure count would become negative.
Fixed : Removed doors to nowhere in the descent.
Fixed : Trying to remap back or start controller buttons would "corrupt" the savegame.
Fixed : Prevented putting a wall switch on a wall with another object next to it.
Fixed : Made mom dragons head hitbox more appropriate.
Fixed : Poison staff idle sound's volume isn't tied to the sound slider.
Fixed : Typo in bunnyhop achievement.
Fixed : Generating a level would take too long and eventually crash.
Fixed : Weapon switches forever if moved to another slot immediately after pickup.
Fixed : Crash when stunning an enemy that spawned on the same frame.
Changed : Made enemy firebolts not leave fire.
Changed : Added screen flash for bone pickup.
Changed : Improved elemental effects.
Changed : Made elemental books slightly less powerful because of the new elemental effects.
Changed : Allowed beam weapons to have pierce stat.
Changed : Improved grenade harpooner harpoon damage and explosion speed.
Changed : Added elemental effect stats to explosive weapons and modified explosions accordingly.
Changed : Added large bullet effects and bullet holes to heavy bullet weapons.
Changed : Rebalanced all explosions.
Changed : Changed horse water look and player face.
Changed : Added walk speed to horse water.
Changed : Changed player movement to further improve platforming.
Changed : Allowed changing weapon while zoomed in.
Changed : Minigun no longer needs reloading.
Changed : Improved Claymore range.
Changed : Changed Katana alternate attack.
Changed : Added shocked and frozen elemental effects to player.
Changed : Turned fire resistance into elemental resistance.
Changed : Added optional weapon wheel.
Changed : Some objects float on water.
Changed : Raised enter distance for level end.
Changed : Improved and added new player voices.
Changed : Made life souls fall to the ground after a time.
Changed : Lowered spark book alt fire rate.
Changed : Lowered suppressed SMG recoil.
Changed : Can switch weapon to cancel reloading.
Changed : Can switch weapon to cancel charging.
Changed : Made weapon icon resolution fit with rest of art.
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