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Two questions:

1.So in the part of the game with gregg where you steal a car battery to put together an old cartoon robot thing, when you're done building, you have a conversation with gregg. I was skimming over the dialogue, and at some point I got lost, and i read through the rest of the dialogue. From that conversation, I know gregg works at the snack falcon a lot to save up to move to i think near a beach or something (forgot the name) in spring with angus, and that he got a tattoo there, and that since mae's back, he wants to do more stuff like crimes with her. My question is other than that, did I miss anything in that conversation? I'm a bit paranoid I did, since I got really confused midway.

2. When you're building the robot, after you put enough stuff on it, you can stop. I accidentally pressed the button in the top right corner the moment it appeared, as being the idiot I am, I didn't immediately realize what it did. Does building the robot in different ways have any effect on the game? PLEASE don't tell me what actually happens if it does count toward something, I just want to know if building it better makes a difference, or if it was just a little mini-game.

Sorry this was so long, this has really been nagging me. Please don't reveal more information than what is asked of you :).