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I finished this game and I loved it. It's a very polished game that works just great (at least I didn't find any game breaking bugs) but, I was hoping for the developers to add Achievements and correct Overlay support. Is this game no longer supported by them?
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The game has been out for a while and wont get any new content. After one of the teams devs just took his own life its very unlikely there will ever be any new content or new game from them. Its sad that the developer didnt see any other way out.
They isnt going to be update, because the co-creator committed suicide from harassment by Zoe Quinn.
I need to get this still. I fear it may end up getting delisted.
well she killed Alex Holoka, which is pretty fucked up

Look. I know this is controversial but I feel that the people have a right to know. Zoe Quinn had inadvertently killed Alex Holoka, who was the co-creator of this game by suicide. she accused him, which was a lie of sexual harassment. this got him fired from his job and ultimately ended his life

We need to condemn the actions of these infamous feminists' actions. They did an action and now they need consequences. And its been proven that the most victims in this world are men

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Before you go saying something is a lie, maybe do some research. He had a history of abusive behavior.

I'm no fan of Zoe Quinn, and I'm sorry Alex killed himself and his family lost a loved one, but he was well-known for his abusive behavior. According to his sister, however, he was trying to get better. According to one of his business partners, he was simply redirecting his behavior toward others.

None of us were there, so we will never truly know.