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Changelog for patch 97 / GOG-? (Windows) / GOG-2 (Mac) / GOG-2 (Linux) (added 24 February 2017):

- Fixed bugs w/ keyboard remapping screen
- Fixed a bug with Mae's paw and leaves
- Fixed a bug with pressing the menu/ESC button during certain PawsMode scenes
- Fixed various Demontower bugs
- Some areas received additional art
- Optimized textures, smaller build size
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Changelog for update 101 / GOG-? (Windows) / GOG-4 (Mac) / (added 10 March 2017):

- Various bug fixes, typo fixes, save system changes.
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Changelog for patch 101 (A) (added 22 March 2017):

- Added support for Cloud Saves in GOG Galaxy 1.2 and newer
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Changelog for Patch 113 / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (17 May 2017):

- Minor bug fixes.
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Changelog for patch 115 (added 28 June 2017):

- This update adds more Kickstarter backer characters
Any news about the addition of achievements? Just curious.
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Changelog for Patch 117 (added 26 July 2017):

- wyrd teens bug fixed (if you talked to them once in a playthrough you'd never be able to talk to them again)
- low fps jump height fixed (if the game was running at low FPS, like under 25 fps or so, Mae's effective jump height would be lower making it hard/impossible to reach some areas i.e. in the Food Donkey)

Changelog for Patch 118 (added 26 July 2017):

- Roadside: fixed Angus' overlapping emoticon bubbles
- Fixed Angus' talking head bob (super minor animation thing)
- AstralAct2Day2: changed collision by the dock area to avoid a potential fall through
- Mae's Shirt Symbol: fixed in CarryingRobotMascot scene, also fixed some layering issues in this scene
- MineWoods, A4D2: issue where dialogue would be skipped if you selected the "Where did..." option
- AstralAct2Day3: (train) reworked collision to avoid a fall through
- ChurchSanctuary, A3D3: fixed issue where city council members would stop at the edge of the screen before disappearing
- TowneCentreEast, A4D3: if very specific conditions are met (have met lori, done one FQ with her but not the second FQ) Mae would fall through the roof after the conversation, fixed
- BlackoutWoods: you were able to open the Journal in this nightmare sequence, fixed
- MansionInterior: prevented player from going back up an elevator, fixed SFX and added some acting to the scene
- TowneCentreEast: could hear Saleem's violin after he's moved to Birdland, fixed
- Various typos fixed
- MaeRoom: Mae has three shoes when getting out of bed, fixed
- ScoutCamp: could jump on weird floating collision, reworked to be simpler
- MirandaBasement: Gnome wasn't appearing in two contraptions, fixed
- MineWoods: the cast's back feet would look like they were floating when walking up/down hills, added code to offset them based on the angle of the ground
- Demontower: attempt made to fix death issue where enemies would keep "re-alerting"

Changelog for Patch 119 (added 26 July 2017):

- Demontower: health bar for boss 5 didn't update after it split, fixed
- Telescope: some constellations had the wrong names in text, fixed
- Library: hidden Librarian saying "Shh," removed the line
- MansionExterior: seeing the edge of the screen during an effect, fixed
- PawsModeStealingPretzel: alpha gradient didn't cover the screen properly, fixed
- BeaApartment: Characters looking in the wrong direction, fixed
- PartyClearing: chance that Bea will be talking when walking over to see to Mae, fixed
- BeaIQGraveyard: fixed a weird music glitch

Changelog for Patch 120 (added 26 July 2017):

- Sadie/Saleem wouldn't get together if you switched up the order you talked to them on the 2nd day, fixed
- GreggAngusApartment, A4D1: If you talk to Bea as Gregg, she has an empty interaction node
- Mall Bea Collision: Bea would float down the stairs (instead of being clamped to the collision), fixed. This fix caused an issue with Gregg heading upstairs in MansionInterior, which was worked around.
- TowneCentreEast_Harfest: made sure newly added characters are hidden properly
- MineBottom2: worked around Bea's cigarette flip
- Underhill: player occasionally falls through one of the (steep) powerlines. Added a rippleStrength parameter to powerlines and set this particular powerline to 75%. Seems to lower the chance of this fall through happening.
- Laptop, A1D2 night: trigger Angus and Gregg conversations so Mae is sure to know about the upcoming party. (she mentions it to Mom on A1D3)
- Mom A2D4: fixed dialogue reference that would not make sense if you picked the secondary dialogue option
- Tunnel: avoided a dialogue issue by disabling pretzel interaction if rats are active
- MineWellTunnel: fixed a floating collision thing, tweaked collision to hide characters' feet on slopes more

Changelog for Patch 121 (added 26 July 2017):

- MansionInterior: Gregg would warp through the floor when doing his elevator lock picking animation. This was related to a fix in the last build to keep Bea firmly planted on the Fort Lucenne Mall steps. This should be fixed for Gregg now. (and Bea's steps should still work)
- BusStation: One of Garbo's lines was grey. Now white.

Changelog for Patch 122 (added 26 July 2017):

- TowneCentreEast_Harfest: hid Dan from appearing in the Harfest scene (since he appears in the OlPickaxe immediately after)
- GreggAngusApartment: A3D1, at the end of the scene the nighttime lighting would appear right before a fade out, fixed
- WalkerBirdB: fixed blink color
- A4D3: fixed dialogue issue with Dan and the taco place
- Sometimes Pastor Kate was referred to as Karen, fixed
- MallardsTomb: lighting pass for different weather conditions
- PawsModeWindow: added proper towne sfx for different weather conditions as well as the color LUT to match
- AstralAct2Day1: the area to the right of the accordion player wasn't blacked out properly, fixed

Changelog for Patch 125 (added 26 July 2017):

- GreggAngusApartment.yarn.txt: Angus text says "Angus:" in it
- Bea Following Problems in the graveyard
- Underhill layering issue with City Council, fixed by sorting the council in front of Mae.
- ChurchSanctuary: A3D3, city council wouldn't walk off the left far enough before disappearing
- Underhill: City council dialogue attributed to wrong council member
- Removed a secret key combo that would open a debug menu
- TowneCentreWest.yarn.txt: fixed typo in RyanBranch convo
- OlPickaxe.yarn.txt: Fixed a typo from Bea during the Harfest play
- Outskirts: Mae would appear to "trip" down the stairs. This was due to a combination of the stairs being very steep and Mae's fall distance thresholds. I increased the threshold before she starts playing her falling animation and the threshold for how far she has to fall before playing her landing animation when she hits the ground.
- EndCredits: Mars Ashton added to the credits as a tester

Changelog for Patch 126 (added 26 July 2017):

- Tunnel: fixed City council names
- Changed the way collision with cars worked to avoid a collision issue with Mae. (AstralAct1Day3, GreggAngusParkingLot)
- PartyClearing: fixed talking issue with Bea/Jackie
- PartyClearing: fixed issue where Bea wouldn't start talking until 2 lines into the conversation
- Demontower: fixed issue where getting hit in cooldown state would keep you stuck in cooldown state
- Fixed issue where if you ran back out of a scene quickly enough, the SceneLink wouldn't trigger and you'd run out of the level / out of bounds

Changelog for Patch 127 (added 26 July 2017):

- Demontower: fixed issue where bosses could attack after the player had died, causing a boss re-alert
- TowneCentreWest: changed collision on the Clik Clak Diner roof

Changelog for Patch 128 (added 26 July 2017):

- GreggFQ3Woods: Fixed minor collision issue near the right side of the fallen log
- AstralAct2Day3: Fixed minor collision issue near the smokestack
- BusStation: lowered roof collision so Mae taps it with her head when triple jumping off bench
- Ravine: pipe layering and collision tweaked (pipes put into bg layer)

Changelog for Patch 129 (added 26 July 2017):

- Laptop: Fixed an issue with "Hold MENU to Quit" - holding while transitioning to laptop scene would lead to a black screen
- MaeStreet: tweaked tree collision
- Fixed minor Germ typo in BandPractice.yarn.txt

Changelog for Patch 132 (added 26 July 2017):

- Title: fixed issue where OptionsMenuItems would make sounds when "Interact" was pressed after leaving options menu
- Laptop: prevented the laptop cursor from clicking during fade ins/outs
- Fixed SpeechBubble options resizing issue that only occurred with preset width speech bubbles in nonAnimatedTextMode
- URev: fixed minor issue where Bea would walk partially on-screen unnecessarily
- Car: fixed randomly generated sticker displaying as "flipped" when cars were driving to the right
- Stealing: fixed Cook/Clerk face state not resetting properly on transition to pocket view
- FortLucenneMall: fixed Bea's follow path "curving" slightly on the top of stairs
- FortLucenneMall: fixed layering issue with left/right walls (could jump behind if jumped off stairs)
- MaeHouse: stop Dad from talking for the day if you decline to hang out with him
- TowneCentreWest: adjusted a powerline's positioning so players will know to jump off it instead of walking off
- MirandaYard: prevented issue that would see Bea sliding instead of playing her walk animation if dialogue was skipped quickly
- MirandaBasement: made it so music will play when resuming from savefile
- AstralAct2Day3: tweaked collision so Mae won't bonk her head if triple jumping in an upper right area of the level
- AstralAct2Day3: fixed color tint on window borders on a building below the Tuba guy
- TowneCentreWest: adjusted position of crates on top of the Snack Falcon so they don't "shimmer" as much
- Stealing: fixed an issue causing the iris out to clear for one frame before loading the level after being caught
- DeathPrairie_Woods: fixed timing so that you don't see Mae in idle animation for a split second during the intro
- Fixed a couple minor typos in the Yarn files
- BeaCar: Fixed sprite layering so it doesn't look like Mae is setting on Angus' lap, fixed Mae sitting and layering when she's in the back seat
- MallardsTomb: Changed audio settings in the FMOD Studio project to prevent a bug where sfx in the 'Tomb would sound quieter than normal

Changelog for Patch 133 (added 26 July 2017):

- Demontower: Fixed bug where palecat would always be in tired state
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Changelog for patch 163 (added 15 September 2017):

- a lot of bug fixes and some content updates for Kickstarter backer rewards.
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Changelog for Patch 399 Weird Autumn Edition update (added 13 December 2017):

- Weird Autumn Edition includes new in-game content and a revamped Extras menu where you can access additional playable games: The Longest Night and Lost Constellation. Also included is a Night in the Woods concept art viewer.
- Gameplay fixes and bug fixes.
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Changelog for patch 406 (added 30 May 2018):

- Removed Unity's hardware tracking. (that only ever went to Unity, not to dev team)
- Fixed the layering on Mae on the bar goers hats
Mac OS installer is corrupt! I have tried it with GOG-Donwloader and direkt link, multiple times. The checksum don't match and the installer can't be opened...